Symptoms completely gone

Hi everyone,

This is my first pregnancy and I'm worrying about everything! I am approx almost 9 weeks pregnant now. I am just a bit concerned as it seems all of my symptoms have gone for a week  now! I've not had any bleeding or severe pain so I know that's a good thing; I am just longing to feel some pregnancy symptoms so I feel like my baby is there. To begin with I have been  nauseous,saliva and  low back pain (basically I just felt like I was about to start my period any moment but never did!) and I also had horrible leg cramps and joint pain, but it's all gone now.   I am more tired and have had slightly increased vaginal discharge. I just feel so normal and well and don't feel pregnant anymore!

Does anyone have any encouraging words and advice for me? Is this normal? Can symptoms come and go? Could I be pretty much symptom free for my entire pregnancy?.

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  • Hi, if you don't feel right in yourself then you can go to the doctors and explain what has happened and how you feel. They can arrange a special scan at the early pregnancy unit just to make sure you are ok and that everything is progressing properly. I've been a few times.

    You could however be one of those super lucky people who just gets hardly any pregnancy symptoms. Hopefully that's the case.

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