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Could I be PREGNANT!

Hi guys, 

I was wondering if you could help me out me and my boyfriend had sex on the 14th of march and it was unprotected but he did not ejaculate and then on 26th of march we had protected sex with a condom. But I am now 4 days late to my period and I don't know what to do, I keep having cramps in my stomach like my period is going to start but it hasn't yet, when I go to the toilet and wipe on the tissue it looks like a kind of light brown discharge that I would usually get at the end of my period. What should I do?

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Hi there

If your period is late or lighter than usual you should take a pregnancy test as that is the only way know for sure if you are pregnant. If you take the test and it is negative but you still haven't come on your period I would suggest waiting and taking another next week as it will then have been three weeks since your unprotected sex.

If you are worried about taking a test it might be an idea to take it with your boyfriend or go to your sexual health clinic and take it with a nurse.

Try not to worry too much because sometimes that can delay your period.

Best wishes



Bit of an odd question but did he ejaculate before having sex with you the first time? If he did and didnt go for a wee before hand then you could be pregnant. The previous sperm can be transported by pre ejaculate. This can, unlikely but possible, result in pregnancy. 

Have you started or stopped any meds recently? that can cause issues with periods. It may well have been that you didnt ovulate.

Take a test and go from there. If you still feel like you could be pregnant then go to the doctors and ask for a blood test. They are a lot more sensitive than urine tests and can monitor if you levels are increasing or decreasing at all.

Good luck and keep us updated xx


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