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Am I pregnant!?

Hi I had my last period on the 29th on January 2016 I was ovulating from the 7th February to the 13th February I had sex with my partner 3 times during that time, I was due on on the 26th February but haven't come on still and I am normally always on time. I have done 2 home pregnancy tests and have both come back negative, what shall I do? I'm not on any form of contresepion at all, my stomach is more bloated than usual and getting lower stomach pains (not like period pains) my breasts have been more tender and tingling and I am feeling a lot more tired than usual. I have been needing to go to the toilet a lot more than usual and I think I may have a water infection.

I already have a daughter but I didn't know I was pregnant with her as I still had regular periods it wasn't till I was 19 weeks pregnant that I found out.

Someone please get back to me with some form of advice please!! Thank you.

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Hi there

It is best to wait a few days and repeat the pregnancy test with the first pee of the day, as soon as you wake up, as that’s the most concentrated. If still negative and your symptoms continue go and speak to your GP, as they may be able to arrange a blood test, due to your last pregnancy.

I hope this helps and good luck.

Best wishes



Have you tried the 'clearblue' test? I have had my last period 31 Jan, and have all the same as you (sex during ovulation / period lateness (6 days) / breast pain, shooting lower stomach pain etc) I did the test this morning but it was too faint for me to be sure, so I did the clearblue one and I am definitely pregnant. They are more expensive but worth the shot. You can get a 2 pack for £12 so if you do one and it's negative, you can do the second one a week later to see if it picks up better. Hope this helps!


I'm not a professional, but in my opinion I think you are going to die !!!!!


Some times i think if you may have ovulated later than you may have thought then it take an extra few days or weeks to get a positive result.

If you have a water infection go to your doctors soon as possible. I did when i had one a few weeks ago because im pregnant and it is important to get it cleared when pregnant as it could harm your baby if left untreated let alone you. - hope that helps x


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