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Hi, my period is over a month late now.

I have did a pregnancy urine and blood test at the doctors they both came out negative.

Medical wise my body seems to be fine.

However I have been experiencing dizzy spells, frequently urinting, sickly feeling, very sleepy, mild cramps and craving for very sweet things.

Is this because I haven't started my period yet??

I have read about women still being pregnant even though their blood and urine test were negative.

I need some advice please, I'm very confused!! :o(


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Hi there

I'm sorry that you're so confused. Were you testing too early before? It usually needs to be 3 weeks after last unprotected sex for the urine test to be accurate, and around 11 days after conception for the blood test to give an accurate result, so definitely knowing your dates will help. If you are still getting negative results, it may be best to go back to your doctor and talk through your worries.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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