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confused :) ?!


hi there. im not trying to get pregnant (im 29) ... im using condoms , had sex 26.12 and 02.01 ... had my period on the 05.01 but was only one day (instead of 3/4 as normal) and 2 Pantiliners where more than enough. felt some pain unsualy on my tummy. being in such a mod swing, craving for food every 3hours (again not normal in me as per normal only eat 2 or 3 times a day) have some discharge what is quiet normal but this one has a strange smell ?! also been with gaz and obstipation and this headache for a week not strong that i need pills, been so so sleepy !!! and never had toothache and been having this sensetive pain for a week now ... dont fell sick sometimes fell nausea and can´t stand some smells ... my period is regular so i dont keep track of it no idea when is due .. done a pharmacy test this morning first thing as i got up ... and result was negative ... could i be pregnant ?!

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Hi there

As it has been more than 3 weeks since you had sex a pregnancy test would be accurate. It is probably best to leave it a week and repeat the pregnancy test, especially if you don’t get a period in early February or if you feel it is again too light, short or doesn’t come at all. If it is negative but no period still it may be best to check with your GP. Condoms can sometimes fail, so it may be best to consider an additional method if pregnancy is ruled out this time.

Best wishes


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Thank you.

was fit right

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