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Helppppp :)

Im 9 days late been feeling a little off, had some cramping as though my menstral is coming but all i have is yeast & no blood. I have taken two home pregnancy tests that are supposed to detect hcg levels as early as four days before your expected period. Both of the tests three days apart came up negative.... I had my daughter & after her my first period was irregular & my next two regular ... when i was pregnant the first time i was 10 days late with morning sickness & i was 5 weeks when i found out. I would like to know if im pregnant or not what does everyone think !?

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Hi there

It’s probably best to leave it a week after the last test and repeat another urine test (if your period doesn’t come), if you still feel off-colour and it’s negative it would be best to see your GP and they can do a blood test to check for sure.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



best see health nurse


I am wondering if you ever did find out if you were pregnant? My period is 9 days late and I have taken 2 home pregnancy tests and another at my doctors. I was 5&6 days late when i took the first 2 tests and 9 days later when went to the doctors. I am always regular so I am unsure if I could be pregnant or not. I have been nauseous, tired and light cramping also all my acne has cleared up in the past week.


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