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could i be pregnant


my preiod not due for another week coz my last period delayed a weeks time due to stress. if not it was accurate on the either 15 or 16 each month. i feel i could be pregnant now coz i been having a backache an urge to urinate alot for the past whole week.

plz advice if i can be pregnant and what are the things i should to avoid to keep my self pregnant like eating pineapple

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Hi there

Your best bet is to wait until your period is late or 21 days after last unprotected sex for an accurate test result, as that’s the only way to know. Unfortunately there aren't any foods that will retain a pregnancy,

I hope this helps

Best wishes



hi katherine

thanks for replying me. i had my last period on the 20th of august and it last till 24th of august. we been having sex from that day on wards uptp the 8th of september as it was the time hubby was on home for vacation. if we missed it we might have to wait another whole year or more to get together. its been 28 days since i had my periods so i did a urine test today. the one i did in the early morning came out with one dark line and one faint line. the other two test which i did in the mid day came negative. what does this mean? please help.....


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