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Scared! Please help

I'm 15 weeks pregnant and everything was fine on my 12 week scan and I get to heart the heart beat next week again but I scared that the heart has stopped or something I've not bled or anything but due to my mental health I am a big worrier and I'm so scared!! I'm only 19 and a first time mum. Being pregnant is scary enough o didn't want the baby at the start because of my mental health but now I've grown so attached to my little bump and even the pains it gives me haha. I'm just petrified that when I go next week they won't find the heart beat! Has anyone got any comforting stuff to tell me haha

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It's Normal to be nervous about it all and trusting our bodies to take care of something so precious is hard. At 16weeks my midwives have always said not to worry if can't find heartbeat as baby is still so tiny in there however they all were found with no problem so I'm sure this will be the case for you. Good luck xx


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