Hi here I done three pregnant in last week all come bk am pregnant I had. Two line on it one top and one fait line one too my tummy big heard I had hot tamper I feel dizz past week I go toilet more offer too I get tried I did go in mood couple days go and my boobs get bigger my clothes get too small for me too I have been sick I did never bring bk up too I tell my boyfriend I was hungry nen I wasn't hungry too

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  • Hi there- if you are worried about being pregnant then I would say pop down to your local contraceptive and sexual health clinic and take a test with them and they can talk through your results with you. xx

  • I did lots of time thay different test in GP don't do them pregnant test thay done Blood come not and GP test too but same happened to my 3 son I was 34 weeks I did not kown I was happened agein I had 3 children I home test come bk am pregnant we try about Jen in 13 I want more children with my boyfriend love have family

  • Hi Kimbrley

    I think you really need to be guided by what your GP says and the results of the tests they have run. You need to talk through your worries with them as they know all the facts.

    Best wishes


  • Thinks I home pregnant test I had done 4 test come bk I was pregnant thinks u

  • Hi there I have missed my preoid this month am 4 day overdue I have lots bk pain I feel tried and I had pain in boobs very sore and I had bad head years day I been tolet more offer I am eating more too I am lots of water too

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