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help me

my doctor put me on a pill but told me to stop for my perids. The frist month went ok but i was still getting my boyfriend to wear a extra safe condom evey time. second month wait okay intill my perid hadnt turn up so it has been near 6 to 7 weeks without one . i have done a test and the negtive line is there but the postive line is very fainted . if i am prenant i will have to get rid of the baby as i rented a room and i will get kicked out and be homeless

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Hi there

I'm sorry to hear you were given poor information. I would recommend visiting your local GP or local sexual health clinic and taking a pregnancy test with them because if it's negative they can talk you through the correct way to take your pill or an alternative method of contraception. If it comes up as positive then the healthcare professional can refer you to an abortion provider straight away.

I hope this helps

Best wishes


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