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I think that I am pregnant!

I missed my period in April then had it for 3 days in May and only 1 day in June. I have been feeling so sick for the past 3 - 5 weeks from boils to migraines / headaches to just nausea. Now I can actually feel the fetus in my stomach. I have taken 3 urine tests over the past 4 weeks and again yesterday - all negative. I took a blood test as well yesterday and it was negative too. Has anyone had something like this but still turned out pregnant?

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Hi Ros,

Did you take the blood test at your GPs? If so, did you discuss your missed periods with them? If you aren't pregnant but you are not having your normal periods then that needs to be investigated too. Blood tests are usually extremely accurate. What did your doctor or nurse advise?

Best wishes,


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