missed periods

please sisters help me ...i missed my periods this months for 8days and 4th day had home test result was negative .my breast have sore and pain if i touch. 8th day evening i saw brown colour then again in morning i saw the same so 2day i did once again home test it was negative and in pad the there is nothing not even 1 drop of blood ..jus wen i wash i saw that brown colour little....please can anybody tell me what shouild do

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  • can anyboby reply to my ques please

  • Hi Roxz,

    Home pregnancy tests, if taken according to packet instructions, are usually very reliable however it can sometimes take up to 14 days after conception for enough of the pregnancy hormone to build up to be detected by the home test. I think the best thing to do would be to go to your GPs or local contraceptive / sexual health clinic and they can go through your dates with you and perhaps do a blood test to confirm whether or not you are pregnant. There are other things which can affect your menstrual cycle, such as stress, which they can talk to you about. I'm sorry I can't offer a more definitive answer, but I'm sure having a face to face chat with a medical professional will help.

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