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Any suggestion for me

Hello this is preethi iam 22 years old. Iam married and i had sex with my husband diring my ovulation day. I mean 14th day . The problem is after had sex sperms leaks out of me. Every day i feel. Why it is happened like this all times. My last period was 27th march. And iamnot able to kbow this sperm going in or not.. any chances to get pregnant.plz reply

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Hi Preethi,

It is perfectly natural for some of the sperm to come out, so don't worry about that.

Ovulation normally occurs 10-16 days before the start of your next period, but it will be different for different women. The NHS has an ovulation calculator online here which might be of use:

For the best chance of conceiving, the advice is to have sex regularly throughout your cycle. If you have been trying to fall pregnant for one year, of less time if you've had problems in the past such as an ectopic pregnancy, then you should go to your doctor just to check there isn't anything going on which might be affecting your fertility. But in the meantime try to stay relaxed and healthy, start taking folic acid which is important for the health development of a pregnancy, and as I said have regular, unprotected sex throughout your cycle.

Best wishes,



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