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How it works in UK?


Week ago I found out that I am pregnat (propably- I have done 3 tests all possitive and Clear Blue Pregnancy Test says 3+). My last period was 03/02/2015 so it looks that I am 8weeks pregnant right now.

I have lived in England since 2013. I work here, have National Insurance Number, pay Tax, but I have never needed a doctor so I registered to GP just this Tuesday. I will have initial check with nurse next Tuesday.

Please could somebody tell me how does it work here in England? What should I do? What are next steps? Should I try to book appointment with doctor asap, or wait for results from initial check? (We do not really want to tell it family and friends while we don't have it confirmed by doctor and I have nobody else to ask)

Thanks for your help.

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Hi there,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope you are feeling ok - each healthcare system is different so it's perfectly understandable that you are unsure.

In terms of next steps, I think you should contact your GP today and say that you have done a home pregnancy test and think you are 8 weeks pregnant and need to make an appointment to confirm the pregnancy and so that you can be referred in to your local maternity services.

Depending on where you live, you might be able to self-refer straight in to maternity care. You could also find your nearest maternity service using this tool from the NHS here and give them a call too:

You should also start taking folic acid, an important pregnancy supplement, for the healthy development of your baby. There's more information online here:

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,



Hi Katherine,

Thanks for your answer.

It wasn't planned pregnancy, but I am looking forward it :)

I feel alright. It looks that our 'little bean' gave me a friday rest :) today (finally I slept well last night and I don't feel sick).

As I said I have been there last week. They registered me and I had to wait while they add me in to their database (very helpfull receptionist said I should appear in their database today or on Monday). She couldn't book my appointment with doctor before it. Just initial check with nurse.

I am not sure if it has some sense to book appointment with doctor before that initial check, which I have on Tuesday, if he will be able to do something without tests results.

I have done some research on the internet and I started to take Pregnancy vitamines which contain folic acid 3 days ago.

I will take a look at links which you have sent me.

Many thanks for information which you have given me. I found it really helpfull.


Hi there,

Oh I'm so pleased that you've been able to get a bit of a rest! Let's hope you continue to get these breaks during your pregnancy to catch up on sleep :-)

If you do decide to book an appointment with your doctor, they will be able to do a pregnancy tests too as well as the nurse. If you would rather just wait and see what the nurse says on Tuesday I'm sure that would be absolutely fine.

Take care and congratulations again.

Best wishes,



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