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am i pregnant?

hi guys,

im scared i might be pregnant.

basically i didnt have sex but i think some sperm could have gone on my vagina and ive read that there is still a chance of me getting pregnant. this happened last week on wednesday and today i found a drop of blood in my discharge, i think this might be implantation spotting. im meant to be starting my period tomorrow, can i still have my period even if implantation spotting is occurring since ive read that the implantation spotting has to happen a few days before your due on?

also this might be a stupid question but can you still have your period if your pregnant, especially in my situation because the "conception" happened near to the time my period starts?

please answer my questions asap, im really scared.

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i think ive just started my period :D but can someone please answer the last question please x


Hi there,

If your period is the same as usual – so not lighter, shorter or later than normal – it is unlikely that you are pregnant. However, you can test 21 days after unprotected sex if you are concerned.

While you are at a low risk of conceiving if you do not have penetrative sex, it is still possible so if you want to avoid pregnancy you should use contraception throughout your cycle.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,



Aha okay, thank you for replying :)


No problem at all. Glad I could be of help.


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