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It has currently been 9 weeks since I had my last period, I would usually come on every 6/7 weeks give or take but this is unusual to be so long with nothing. I have taken a few home pregnancy test but all have been negative, so have made an appointment with my GP, thing is it isn't until just under two weeks. So along wait it is... Anyway for the past five days I have had light pink bleeding when I wipe which has also been brown but still light, it comes and goes throughout the day, so I am confused about what is happening? Could anyone enlightened me what is happening? Could this be my period?

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Hello.. oh golly that does sound confusing and such a pain that you couldn’t get an appointment with your GP for two weeks. If you are close to a sexual health clinic you could always pop in there as they have walk in clinics? Just an idea, sorry to not be of any more help. X


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If you are worried then I would suggest trying to get a quicker appointment at a local sexual health clinic and they’ll do a pregnancy test if necessary, or a local contraceptive (Family Planning) clinic, as most are walk-in-and –wait set ups, as Judith kindly pointed out. This link will locate the local services in your area: .

I hope this helps

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