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Am I Pregnant?


2 weeks ago me and my boyfriend had unprotected several times on the same day and again the day after and both days were on my fertile days but he never came inside, 4 days before ovulation which is calculated by my period cycles App.

The day after the second time we had sex, I took an emergency pill just to be safe but by then it was 48 hours after sex which reduces the changes of the pill working right?

Last week we had unprotected sex again, he didn't come inside again but I didn't take the emergency pill this time because I can't take it twice on the same cycle and I don't like the IUD.

On Friday I had serious abdominal pain on the left side of my stomach.. close to my ovary or maybe it is , I don't know, I couldn't move for 10 mins, after I was fine so I paid no attention to it, after that the pain was not too bad but it kept coming on and off so I wasn't sure if it was bad or not. Also my nipples have been sore and sensitive but I keep thinking that, that might be from the emergency pill but I'm not too sure.

Today, just a few hours ago, I got pinky discharge so I went online and saw pregnant everywhere lol. Then a few mins ago I started bleeding, it's not heavy or light and I'm not having cramps. But my next period is not until the 31st. I'm just very worried and I want to know what's causing it.

Am I pregnant? Please help!

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Hi Tina,

If you are still experiencing that severe pain you should speak to your GP about it to be on the safe side. Your GP or local sexual health /contraceptive clinic will also be able to talk to you about contraceptive methods if you think you might like to use a different, reliable method, as withdrawal is not recommended if you wish to avoid pregnancy as sperm can leak out before ejaculation. The FPA have a handy tool to find your nearest clinic here in case that is of interest:

In terms of finding out whether or not you are pregnant, you can use some very sensitive pregnancy tests before your period is due but unfortunately the results they would give wouldn’t be as accurate as if you waited until your period is due before testing – although I completely appreciate that you must be very anxious to test as soon as possible.

The morning-after pill is a very effective method of preventing pregnancy but as you are right in that it does become less effective the longer you wait to take it. There are two types of emergency contraceptive pill – Levonelle and ella-One, and it might be helpful for the future to know that you can use Levonelle more than once in your cycle. We have a guide to emergency contraception here which includes information about when it can be taken and also some side effects of EC, such as spotting before your period arrives, which might be useful:

I hope this helps. I’m sorry I can’t offer you a more definitive answer about whether or not your symptoms indicate you are pregnant. Your best bet is to speak to you GP about the pain and take a pregnancy test after your period is due.

Best wishes,


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Thank you so much that was very helpful, I didn't know one of the side effects of EC is spotting.

And I'm going to my GP today just to be on the safe side and the sexual health clinic. Also I've been bleeding since I posted that, I think I got my period, it's heavier than usual and I got some cramps.


No problem at all. I hope your appointments went well and that you are feeling better now.

Best wishes,



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