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Bowel enlarged on ultrasound


So when I had an ultrasound, the person doing it said it looks inflamed. This corresponds to areas where it hurts to touch and looks like it's protruding. My IBD tests have come back negative. Gastro said in a letter she doesn't know the significance of this and will ask the radiologist if it's anything of concern but otherwise she will not look any further into this. I haven't heard anything since. Surely it is not normal for a bowel to be enlarged like this? Looks like I will be left to fend for myself again with no help so I don't know what to do about this. I have complex systemic disease (ME with autoimmunity) so I am always looking for things that can be addressed so that I can feel a bit better. The gut seems like an obvious place to look for problems.

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You could do with a Colonoscopy

agyk in reply to Viklou

Don’t I know it...

Your Gastroenterologist should know. Ask again. If no response ask for a second opinion.

agyk in reply to Hily

They are sending me for an MRI

Can you speak to your rheumatologist?

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