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Improvement deca scan?

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How long does it take for aledronic acid to start working? I’m dying to have another deca scan to know.

Thanks a million

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How long have you been taking Alendronic for? I mentioned having another scan to see what was happening when I had a rheumatology appointment recently and I was told that it was too soon for anything to change, I started AA in February 2020 but I stopped taking it after four months. So did that mean she didn’t expect any change for better (I doubt it, I hadn’t been taking it for long enough) or worse in that time?

A friend who has just had her third infusion is now waiting for her second DEXA. I was originally due to have my next one five years after starting to take AA but I don’t know when or if that will ever happen now that I’ve stopped taking my meds.

Why did you stop?

I felt really, really ill, not gut problems which I had expected - it just everything else. I

Stopping probably wasn’t the most sensible thing to do but I hated feeling like I did. I felt human again within a short time of stopping , in the meantime I’ll stick with weight bearing exercise, a bone friendly diet and vitamins and minerals. If you want to know more about osteoporosis you can email the ROS specialist nurses - look at Contact Us at the top of the bar on the right hand side of this page - and they will reply to your question or you can phone them.

Really? I’m terrified of fracturing a vertebrae as I have 2 baby nephews who I need to pick up constantly. I’m going to book an ever light test as my vertebrae are less 4 just to make sure

Yip really. What’s an ever light test?

You need to be patient (excuse the pun 😜) and continue with alendronic acid for up to 5 years before taking a drug holiday. I have seen improvement in my T scores as a result of taking alendronic acid. It’s worrying to think my bone density could have deteriorated if I hadn’t taken it, which is what happened last time I took a two year break from bisphosphonates. The slow impact of alendronic acid is why DEXA scans are only recommended every two years .

In fact I’m supposed to have a scan after two years.

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