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A weird question perhaps but desperately trying to find a solution. I am quite big on top with a relatively small back. I think that the extra weight out front has made additional problems for me since osteoporosis set in (2 fractures in thoracic area) and trying to stand up straight is hard. I have never really found a bra that gives me lift and support. I have bought a posture support bra online but it wasn’t much good. Just wondered if anyone else suffers likewise or knows somewhere good to find what I’m looking for. Thanks.

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You are not alone. It has been my problem since a teenager and have always had to make do, even more expensive bras none of them fit correctly. Can seem ok initially and then ride up my back. Consequently I get back and shoulder aches. Sorry I cannot help you, but would love to hear a solution for us. Fingers crossed for us.

Have you tried a good sports bra Philippa?

Have you tried a sports bra?

I went to a special underwear shop where you are measured and fitted. Tried loads on and was advised whether they were suitable.

Best thing I ever did.

Being too heavy myself I know your problem.I’d say to go to a good bra shop or a department store like JL who have a range of different makes of bras and where there are trained fitters who will measure you. Bravissimo will quite happily take back a bra if you are not happy with it once you start to wear it. But definitely ask to see a bra fitter.

Like you I have a narrow back but large breasts 34g/h and find Italian bras made more for our shape if you can find them. Being short waisted now is no help either! The best bras I ever got were bought on holiday in a previous life! Good luck with your search and let us all know what you find.

Oh gosh, you sound exactly like me. Narrow back - huge boobs ☹️I would never in a million years have thought of Italian made bras. I know I can’t buy Italian made walking shoes / boots because they are all so narrow, I tried a pair on last week and said it felt like I was the ugly sister in Cinderella - only my toes went in. Must look out for Italian made bras.

Hi F&NC, Cosabella is brand that is still around from the old days but boy are they pricy! Worth it when they got more exposure but sadly not now! Good old Playtex cross your heart is my friend at the moment. Just do not get me started on shoes/feet! My size 4s are narrow at the heel but wide at the toes, now with Bunions and twisted Arthritic toes so I can only wear lace ups, am most comfy in DB Widefit shoes with my Orthotics in, best of all their ankle boots, I could live in those all year round if it was practical.

Have a Pinky red pair naturally as I am not Pinklady for nothing!

To think I used to dance till dawn in my winkle pickers!!

Do take care, I guess the search for a comfortable but attractive bra continues.


Thank you all for your comments. There is definitely a market out there .....! I will investigate sports bras. My previous experience has been that they end up like monoboobs!!!! But maybe they have come a long way!! I shall let you know what I find.

Hi Phillipa.

Spent a lifetime looking for a bra to fit and support. Left a bra fitting in tears once because they did not have one.. that was Heelas before they were called John Lewis. She advised me to go to London and have them made. More recently bought 2 at John Lewis and had to return them because I could not put it on comfortably myself. Bought two expensive bras from Bravissimo. Only worn one once. They give me such a pointy shape I feel like Madonna wearing cones and they're not comfy.

Bravissimo helped me tremendously in teaching me to know how to find a fit by ignoring the sizes on the labels and generally looking at bras made in at least 3 sections to the cup. The bra fitters are volunteers who themselves have had difficulties. Worth making an appointment for the education. All bra fitters are not equal. The worse one I ever had tried to tell me a bra was perfect which made flesh fall out horribly at the sides. One of the best ones taught me always to take a selection of bra extenders to fittings. They allow for a better fit eg try a size 2" smaller with an extender. That way we can go up sizes by a half or one inch instead of two. ..till you find your perfect.

1)Finally I used my new learning and found my everyday bra at Tesco for £6 each. They are called TOTAL SUPPORT, have fairly wide and not too stretchy straps and are not underwired. Ok not the prettiest of bras, but not ugly either. They have tiny roses in the material. I bought loads of these in black, white and flesh. Some have 2 hooks at the back and some 3. I also keep a supply of bra extenders and use them if I put on or lose weight. I confess I also use these bras as bikini tops in summer as I haven't yet found a bikini to support.

2)The other bra I use everyday is a sports bra I bought cheaply at Primark. Sorry haven't seen the same one in a couple of years. The material is non stretchy and there's a hook on one strap which connects to a plastic loop on the other strap behind your neck. So you put it on normally, then connect the straps by the hook and loop at the back to give extra hoist. I'm constantly on the lookout for similar styles.

3) Before I found these, I lived in sports bras called SHOCK ABSORBER. They do just that. Brilliant support. They do have different styles, not all of them suit me. I find the classic ones best. These are more expensive, Debenhams and John Lewis usually have them. They don't always have every style in stock so you have to keep asking and looking and trying till you find one that suits you. Although they're years old I still wear these under certain dresses. When we were allowed, I did a lot of dancing so needed good support. Nothing worse than bouncing round the dancefloor.

4) Primark also have a range called FANTASIE. Found one which is underwired, made of fine lace and pretty. The lace "gives" a bit so would mould to different shapes. Support not as good as the others but great for certain occasions and cool to wear in hot weather.

Hope some of this blurb helps. Let us know if you find your fit and style. .....biggest tip .....extenders.....every time. Best of luck, it's taken me 67 years to learn all of this. Deanna xx

Wow Deanna that is all amazing. I hope it is of use to some others here too. My problem with places like Tesco’s is that they don’t usually go up to my size. I’m a ff or even a gg cup size. But I shall definitely have a good look. Thank you. I’m so pleased you are sorted.

I used to buy 36FF /GG bras and have to shorten the straps because they did not adjust enough. With the Tesco bra I buy 36 DD and use an extender with it. In the shock absorber bra I bought 32 and 34EE and used an extender. I'm the same size, it's the styles and makes of bra that differ. It's a difficult thing to explain without the bras to demonstrate. The standard way of measuring ourselves teaches us to buy bras which do not fit. When we are allowed to try things on, take a close friend to help and have some fun with it. Best of luck. xx

So much good info Deanna, thanks for that. How strange that 50 odd years ago bosoms like ours would have been an asset not a problem!❤🌞❤

50 years ago I spent a whole week looking for a bra, found one and hated it because it was so ugly. Things have changed for the better now that big boobs are more fashionable. I somehow think that if guys had to wear bras, the difficulties we have would soon be solved. They'd be engineered to fit individuals.

I’ve never thought of bra extenders. I shall definitely try. Thanks.

Your ‘blurb’ as you call it is fantastic! SO helpful. I’ve had Fantasie bras before I didn’t get mine from Primark think they came from Bravissimo - I wonder if it is the same Fantasie and I use bra extenders too, wonderful little things. Thank you so much for all your tips - I’m in my 70s and I still haven’t cracked buying the perfect bra - just when I think I have something changes and I can no longer get what I want.

Hi I had the same problem some years ago, as a 5ft 1inch woman with 36 GG cup. Bra's were a nightmare, so in the end I took the bull by the horns and had a brest reduction . No regrets but I was lucky being so small in height I got it on the NHS, don't think that would happen today. But if it was now instead of a new car or a holiday I would pay for surgery. I loved my small breasts bought lovely new Bra's. Only thing is if you put weight on they do grow back but never as bad as they were. Good luck.

I wish I had investigated that route when I was younger. But I never suffered back pain till now. And as you say unlikely they will do anything these days. It’s taken them nearly a year to sort out the infusion for my osteoporosis and I still haven’t got! I shall get there with the bra. Glad you are sorted though. I envy you.

Gosh how brave of you, much respect and love from another shortie!

Not brave was sick of my giant boobs, so when I was lucky enough to be offered for them to be reduced on the NHS I jumped at the chance, best thing I ever did. But 20 years on they have grown again , but not as big as before and a much better shape. It wasn't even very painful.

Good to hear that, your honesty will help others making their own minds up.❤️

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Akiki in reply to JulDeb7374

Hi everyone. Sorry to hear your issues with decent bra go on for so long. I had a breast reduction when 19 in Australia (the youngest at the time -am now 66). I was 39DD and that was the bane of my life. When I was told about reduction surgery by a doctor couldn't believe it was possible. Had to see a psychologist before surgery because of my age and having it for the right reasons. I can only imagine what you must be going through being a larger size again. It was the best choice I made but was major surgery and a big recovery but worth it. Have since had breast cancer and feel lucky it was caught early. To think I used to hope I would get it to have them chopped off !! Have OP as well -as genetic in family and on Prolia but as everyone else feels have regrets not being able to get off it easily. We have a new program in Australia involving heavier weights that is driven by Physios called Onero with great results. Can't get involved yet as waiting on my State to take it on board. Can't travel to Queensland where it originated as Covid closing borders down !Sorry I went off track but so much info to add :). The main thing I wanted to tell you all is that there is a product I saw on our shopping network TVSN called Proskin that has a sleep bra with feedback from women who have lost 2 cup sizes !! You have to wear it for 8 hours a day but has ingredients infused into the material that help assist with the reduction in the weight of the breast. Amazing if it works and could be a good bra to wear ? If mine grow back (God forbid) I will try them . They come from the UK so you may already be aware. Stay well and hope you are successful in your search

I was diagnosed with breast Lymphodema 6 years ago and part of the treatment is to wear a sports bra, so I've been wearing a Shock Absorber bra, since then.

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. Thank you. I shall look into that.

With vertebrae fractures, I think it's key to practice (safe) back extension exercises and, avoid bending forward (bend with the knees, not the back).

The point being is to maintain your back's natural 'S' curve, and do not triple the stress (of your body weight, plus whatever you're holding/carrying) on the forward edges of your vertebrae when bending forward.

~wbic, member bonehealth forum

I have the same problem. Perhaps a microfiber soft bra bigger than normal that isn’t tight on your back

Oh I shall look. I have just got a sports bra. Seemed better but too small. Their advice to walk round the house for 15 minutes with it on before taking the labels off was sound.

My problem is not my boobs but my stomach which has protruded for some years, but since the compression fractures and subsequent loss of height, it seems I have a heavy package of organs pulling me forward. I don't suppose there is any practical solution to this. Boobs, while never massive, must have been heavy to have caused bras to cause grooves in my shoulders. Not attractive.

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