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Weight training and osteoporosis

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Hi there

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2017 after fractured wrist and since have fractured both wrists and initially scared to do much , recently I’ve started attending a gym and working in small groups doing various weights and squats etc - I do feel ok though very achy and I’m just curious if anyone else does this sort of exercise as I’ve read it can help bone density. I’m 58 . Thank you

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I don’t know what kind of weights you do but I used light weights when I was recovering from a broken wrist just over a year ago.

I started doing my wrist exercises with just 1/2 kilo which is about one lb and worked up to 2kilo weights. I use them when I do pilates too. As you will realise they are not at all heavy but they were heavy enough for my broken wrist. I also liked to squeeze out clothes in a bowl of hot water, the wringing out action takes some effort too. I also found I could carry my watering can filled with water when I was in the garden. I could hold that because the force went straight down. It was more effort to move the weights sideways or on a diagonal.

I’m finding now I can do floor exercises with both hands and knees supporting my body. So I’d say I’m finally back to how I was before the break.

My wrists feel strong now but it’s taken a very long time and I didn’t force things. If my wrist felt too weak then I didn’t force it.

Have you read any peer reviewed studies, or are your referring to 'opinion' pieces?

Two exercises that do appear to have clear benefits for fracture reduction are: wearing a weighted vest and/or belt while doing exercises (walking and/or daily activities for example)--improves balance [helps protect hips]; and, Sinaki's study proven back extension exercise once or twice a week [strengthens vertebrae].

~wbic, member bonehealth forum

see also: healthunlocked.com/boneheal...

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