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Pot belly


Hi All, since I’ve had spinal fractures, I’ve folded over at the waist a bit, which is very uncomfortable. It seems that this happens. Has anyone found any way to help this, or is it just something that you have to put up with. Any advice welcome. Ty.

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I’m starting to get this problem, like you i’m at a loss to know what to do about it. It’s loose skin unfortunately. Even if I stand up as tall as possible, like in my Pilates class, it’s still folding.

You hear of folk in the US having some sort of fillers injected into their crumbling vertebrae to stablise them, after fractures, which probably slows down the height loss, but I’ve no idea how effective it really is.

Best wishes

Hi Lynn, Regarding the fillers. The consultant I went to said he’d be reluctant to do it as it wasn’t always successful. He said it could leak out and touch the nerve. Don’t fancy that. 😲

Kyphoplasty has to be done within 12 weeks max I believe from a compression fracture. Vertiplasty is the repair after the event with cement. A friend on fb had this done privately, hasn't helped her much and apparently the manufacturers charged £2000 just for balloon. How they can justify that who knows but most of these things are just about the money, particularly greedy pharmaceutical companies.

Hi Lynn

Me too, it's quite revolting. I'm losing weight but I can still get a handful of blubber. I even bought one of those vest tops that holds the blubber in. After a couple of hours had to get it off was so uncomfortable. I think it needs to be surgically removed!! 😊

I know, I hate it and now I have to buy baggy tops. But it’s the feeling of discomfort that’s more annoying. I have a brace that helps but that can’t be worn all the time as it weakens the muscles. I’ll just have to put up with it. I’ll hardly be wearing a bikini anyhow.lol

Yes my bikini days are well and truly over even without the blubber, you could find your way to Scotland with the road map veins on my legs, the joys of old age. Seriously though I'm glad you don't suffer pain wise. I do, the muscle pain is quite horrendous from the T5 compression fracture I sustained over 3 years ago. Anxiety doesn't help and I feel like a python is squeezing under my bust so much have been imagining all sorts like MS as I already have an auto immune disorder. Painkillers don't touch it. The only thing that helps quite a bit is a lorazepam but I don't want to get hooked. Was thinking about trying a chiropractor as it's affecting my neck muscles as well as diaphragm and back.

I was surprised to see that after 5 years the original Syndol is back. I bought some this morning but boy £3.80 for 10. I guess Boots will bring out their own version as they did before.

Going off the subject of blubber, I did purchase a LivMD vibrating plate 2 years ago when they were taken over by a German company. Was recommended by a physiotherapist in the US who Is osteoporosis expert Sara Meeks. It was developed specifically for OP hence the LV low intensity vibration. I stand on it twice a day just in case I can't get out of the house. Anyway I hope you perk up a bit and have a pleasant Easter. The weather is good, I'm sitting here in shorts as my garden is enclosed so no onlookers, only the birds flying over that could possibly keel over seeing a garden freak.

Just checked the receipt £3.80 for ten tablets. I love pharmas, not. I was getting them very cheaply via South Africa but they were almost the size of 🐴 pills.

You’ve still got a sense of humour anyway, even with your pain which sounds awful. I’ll look into the vibrating plate. It’s lovely here today as well but still not the weather for shorts. There’s quite a cool breeze. Lovely to speak with you. Have a lovely Easter and I hope the tablets help

Hi I have just read this reply to walkingdogs.

I hope you don't mind but the part you have written about, saying it feels like a python squeezing under your bust is of real interest to me.

I was wondering if you would mind describing in more detail what this really feels like and if you still experience it.

The reason I ask is because I think I may have at last found someone who has or is having the same problem as myself.

Look forward to hearing your reply.

Hi, it is hard to describe, I used to panic and think it was MS but I think it is severe anxiety as I have it all the time now. I went to a chiropractor and he said my diaphram was slightly irritated and told me to do breathing exercises but they havent helped. I have noticed now that the more anxious I get, the muscles then tend to stiffen up in my lower back and make my feet feel sort of spongy. Sorry its not very clear. I hope you manage to overcome your horrible feeling. Wearing a bra is awful and so I don't wear one unless I have a doctor's appointment but even without, it feels like I am still wearing one that is too tight.

Hi Elaine,

My fractures are in T9 T11 L2 andL4.

I have felt that since having my first fracture 9 years ago that I have not been able to wear a bra and be comfortable. I was sent to see a neurologist because along with other symptoms MS was suspected, thankfully most tests came back negative.

With my most recent fracture I now have curvature in the spine.

When this last fracture occured I had unbearable pain around the front rib as well as in my back.

I was put on a very high dose of oxycodone.

The pain under my rib then felt like burning.This changed then to as well as a burning sensation I have this awfull feeling of something moving it's like a pushing pulling feeling. It is actually driving me crazy and along with the pain in my back I find it hard to put up with and have become depressed and anxious.

It comes on when I am on my feet or lean forward slightly.

We have thought of everything and still do not know what is causing it.

My husband is convinced it's coming from my back.

Im very sorry to hear that. I have a compressed T5 from osteopororis but I was inclined to get that tight feeling a few years back before I busted my back and put it down to anxiety but it is very uncomfortable. Most days I look like Michelin Man, I bought two microwaveable wraps, one for the front and one for the back. I do find that heat helps a little, I wish I could suggest something for you amazon.co.uk/Hotties-Soothi...

Well thank you for taking the time to write to me.I never really thought of heat wraps quite a simple thing to try don't know why I've never had it suggested by the doctors.

Good luck with everything and keep safe from falls

You're very welcome, I also have 2 of the single ones. It's a wonder my microwave isn't worn out. I have had a couple of mishaps and had to buy the insides which are £8ish a time. But they all fit it the covers whether it be wrap or single x

I think the pain you are suffering could be muscular I think it is with me. If I take a benzo like valium if helps. They say cbd oil helps but I'm yet to find it does.

I hope you stick to all the rules about osteoporosis. Like not bending from the waste. They are pretty useless in this country, I've known physios say see how far forward you can bend, no thanks, quickest way to bust another vertibrae.

I bought a book written by Sara Meeks Walk Tall she is in the US of course but expert on OP. She shows how to cough and sneeze safely, get in and out of bed, make the bed, loads of things in fact. I bought a low intensity vibrating plate a couple of years ago specifically for OP.

Unfortunately I have primary hyperparathyroidism which means I'm losing calcium from my bones and going into my blood. Ignored in the UK of course.

I had a dexa scan last week after 5 years and spine deteriorated a further 11% and hips 6%, so felt pretty fed up, especially paying all that for vibrating plate but as a friend pointed out maybe it could have been worse. Anyway get yourself a couple of pads. The ones that wrap around with velcro are brilliant and I've even walked over to the shops in the winter wearing one under my coat.

Thanks for all the info, the book sounds really good. I also have Osteoarthritis of the spine as well as disc problems and canal narrowing this all adds to my pain.The only moving I can manage is around the home. Sorry to hear about your results.Are you on any of the Osteoporosis treatments? Please when you have time go into my posts it will give you a better picture of where I am right now and about my journey with Osteoporosis past and present.

Sorry you are suffering so. I also have osteoarthritis, it seems to home in on any broken bones. I'm suffering extreme anxiety and nausea, started out of the blue last November. I feel sure it's to do with Hashimotos and phpt. I can't face eating have lost 10lbs. At the moment I'm lying on the bed heat pad in back and one on stomach trying to compose myself for an ultrasound at 3 as I have these pains in shoulder blade and nausea but I'm sure it's not gallstones but where I smashed the T5 plus anxiety.

I don't take ant of the poisons on offer for OP. They all seem to have vile consequences, the latter Prolia now with an FDA warning that stopping it causes rebound fractures. I guess there wl be more lawsuits in the US. One lady on our Facebook group left it off last September and has sustained 8 fractures since.

I have 4 cats, one donated by my daughter temporarily!!!!!! 10 years ago, 2 from Greece that survived the poisoning cull and one sweet English who sadly had to have his back leg amputated. So it's a bit of a struggle for me, I bought no bend bowls and put long wire handles on the litter boxes. I live on my own, I was widowed with a 3 year old in 1985 when I lived in Australia. Anyway I'd better stop as using the phone lying down is not doing my neck any favours. I'll look out for your posts. Take care x

Thank you for sharing that with me.I also had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and it did not come up with anything related to the symptoms I'm having although it did turn up a kidney stone that was not there before.

Take care and let us know how you get on.xx

Got an hour to go. A kidney stone!!!!!!!!!!!! Definitely demand calcium, pth and vit D to be done xx

Hi, I got on okay, everything clear, having a spleen that likes to hide apparently and a prominent aortic artery but no sign of anuerism. It tends to pound a lot in my stomach but that is due to nerves I think. So another hypochondriac bites the dust and a waste of NHS resources. My problem at the moment is getting off these benzos, GP just said taper but that is easier said than done and I figure even if I can get off them, I will be left with original problem which started me on them in the first place. Its raining here, Im upstairs as my lovely cleaning girl is downstairs. Hope you have a decent weekend. Please get your bloods checked for parathryoid. x

Hi Elaine,So glad you got on ok.

It's throwing it down here today too.

Just been and had my bloods done results will be back Monday. (Ihad already got an appointment booked for today so it worked out nicely. Rang the hospital too don't know how some of these professionals get to qualify.

After chasing around since yesterday managed to speak to a Sister at the OP clinic she agreed my calcium levels are high and told me to take my multivitamins to the GP to check to see if I was taking too much even after I had explained that it's next to nothing.

At least my GP has some sense it's the bones dissolving and going into the blood.

I am definitely not having another Prolia injection and my GP is not pushing me.

He understands that I am inbetween a rock and a hard place.

Since yesterday I feel like I've got ants crawling over the top of my head think it must be coming from my neck.

Think I will feel better when I get rid of this Oral Thrush.

Had it when I was on ibandronate too, I'm convinced Prolia is responsible for it.

Why do they always defend these treatments and deny that they cause terrible side effects.I know their job is to build bones but at the end of the day no one knows our bodies better than ourselves.Hope yourcleaner makes a good job of what's she's doing.x

Forgot to mention I am going to be asking if I have been tested for hyperparathyroidism.The reason being I have not to date had a reason given why I am losing bone so quickly. My calcium levels have always been very high, and my husband's thinking that is because my bones are getting less dense and the calcium is coming out of the bones and coming out into the blood.

Why they are getting less dense is a mystery to us.

Your comment about this has prompted me to make a call to find out if this test has been done.

My believe is that it has to have as I have been attending the hospital 15 years now.

Hi, I am absolutely horrified to read you have high blood calcium levels and this has never been picked up. Mind you in saying that the gps are so lax about calcium you have to do your own pushing. The max adjusted calcium is 2.60 but just recently the new NICE guidelines say 2.6 should be looked into. Mine has been creeping up and been 2.72 the last 4 months. Pth is always over. Their attitude is "mild" like being mildly pregnant!! Vitamin D should also be done from The same blood draw as the three work together.

I so have hashimotos thyroiditis again, ignored in the UK. This causes anxiety as does primary hyperparathyroidism. There is secondary hyperparathyroidism but that is usually connected with very low vitamin D and can be adjusted but primary means a small operation to remove the gland which is pumping out too much pth which causes calcium to rise. Xx

Lynne, I am surprised you have a problem with this flab, As I recall you had broken wrists and hopefully no fractured vertibrae so am a bit puzzled by this. Maybe its an age thing as I think I was a bit they way before I busted my spine.

In my younger days I was 5’ 6”. I had my height measured at my Pilates class last year and I was 5’ 3”

I cannot really say at what stage I started loosing height.

I was having chronic spinal problems for quite a few years, prior to ‘officially’ breaking bones and being diagnosed with OP. At the time I assumed this was due to a combination of sitting at a microscope for hrs at a time / working at a lab bench that was too low for my height.

I then stepped backwards, at home, tripped over a hearth rug, landing on my butt on the thick rug, which damaged my coccyx. I was in agony for many months, but was refused both a X-ray and DEXA scan by my GP.

I was told, if it’s broken, there’s nothing you can do about it and people under 60 are unlikely to have OP! Even though both my Mam and Nan both had broken hip/femur, due to OP. If I had been diagnosed initially and started treatment, I may not have then broken both wrists.

It was a number of yrs later that I fell indoors breaking both wrists and hurting my pelvis. I finally got my scan and diagnosis of OP.

I continued to have chronic back pain and in desperation I finally saw a private physio a few yrs later. She said my spine/ posture was out of alignment with my pelvis and either of the falls could have caused damage, resulting in the sideways misalignment.

I joined her Pilates class and over the years my posture has slowly improved.

Hi again, really sorry to hear this. Sounds like the NHS haven't treated you so well either. Nobody x-rayed me when I broke my back, despite being covered from head to foot in bruises and a record at the hospital of very poor T scores, not until 15 months later and that was the Rheumatologist who suggested it for my "unexplained" back pain.

I had assumed that with the two broken wrists that was the worst of your troubles and thought you were getting on well with renalate . It seems not, I also have chronic back pain but I tripped down the stairs and suffered a compression fracture T5 which is affecting all the muscles back and front and worsening over the past 4 years but I always had a problem with the piriformis before OP diagnosis which was initially due to a fractured wrist.

I was also 5 ft 6 and now 5ft 3 and a bit (I like to think of the bit as when it gets to 3" will be even more depressed and short, lol). As the T5 is one of the larger vertibrae I sort of expected this along with the start of scoliosis. It is a bit a puzzle why you have lost height but I am glad you are finding the pilates class is helping. I am nervous now about going to anyone with my poor T scores but figure I have to try something as the muscle tightness is so bad now is affecting my digestion. I feel sure my grandfather had OP which was never investigated as I remember many moons ago, he leaned over the side of a chair and cracked two ribs.

The thing with the UK is that nobody is scanned post menopause and so one only has a dexa after a fracture. That is so typical in so many respects of the country, closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Anyway, I am glad you are jogging along with no more breaks. I tend not to go on the NOF so much these days. I am doing the best I can but having primary hyperparathryoidism (ignored by endo) doesnt help the OP or my anxiety. I was under the guidance of Keith McCormick who was very good, used to check all my bloods, no charge and even recommended supplements that were available in the UK, a really lovely man but when he saw high calcium, suspected phpt said leave off vit D, calcium etc and get it checked out. Take care.

Hi Elaine I would have thought with primary hyperparathroidism, you should have been offered an operation to have the faulty gland removed?

I had the impression from reading posts on the NOF in the past, that this can be a primary cause of OP and once removed, the OP and Ca balance improves? Do you still get your vit D level checked occasionally?

Perhaps I’m mistaken, but It may be worth you looking into this hyperparathyroid condition again and seeing another consultant if you feel it’s relevant.

The NHS is very good at fobbing us off, to save money.

I’ve always been a keen gardener and I suspect I may have had spinal compressions causing height loss, either before, or when I fell and damaged my coccyx, but with never having an X-ray, I don’t know. I was still doing lab work at this time but with not knowing much about OP then, I assumed my posture challenging lab work, was the cause of the chronic back pain.

Yes one would think so, firstly my referral was blocked and I didn't realise until last year that the NHS pay out £millions to companies specifically to block referrals they consider unnecessary. So I went down the private route, must have picked the worst endo ever. Long story but 4 years later and over £6k worse off, I'm still stuck. In the UK they go by scans and all of mine were hit and miss, whereas in the US they go by blood tests. I'm am high end and over calcium and always over pth. Vit D fluctuates. I was using the vit D assay company you recommended but then found all 3 should be taken from the same blood draw.

3 years ago I saw a surgeon in London and he was reluctant to take my savings as was charging £15k and recommended me to a so called expert endo in osteoporosis who was also a friend of his. He was quite charming thought that charge was far too much but completely out of touch as far as local surgeons in Cambridge as the Professor he mentioned had left years before hand. He then went on to say that the phpt was mild (a bit like being mildly pregnant😠) and suggested Prolia for say 2 or 3 years. No way would I try that and then a couple of months or so later FDA gave out a warning that leaving it off was causing rapid bone loss resulting in rebound fractures. I then saw rheumatologist on the NHS who knew this but was trying to persuade me to take bisphosphonates, even monthly, no thank you and he then referred me to endo dept where I had been rejected before but I got appointment, charming young man but totally useless. He arranged a 4d neck scan last September but these people expect to see a prominent adenoma with a very inflamed thyroid. Anyway he arranged 3 monthly blood test checks at local surgery and that's what I've been doing until January of this year when endo left and a real b.... has taken over, changed my endo appointments to 12 monthly and virtually dropped me, wrote to gp saying I said I felt very unwell and suggested 6 monthly calcium checks. So totally ignorant. Anyway gp evidently read properly as I got 3 monthly reminder in March.

Range for pth is up to 6.9, mine was 11.02 but "mildly elevated" grrr.

There is a fantastic parathyroid surgeon in LA, Dr Larian and the costs including airfare and hotel are no more than old guy in London. Trouble is even if I could raise the money I just don't feel well enough to go. I since acquired Hashimotos and suffer quite extreme anxiety.

Quite a few go to the NPC in Florida but read quite a few discouraging things about Dr Norman plus 3 FB friends had bad experiences with him. So I'm stuck now. Sorry this is such a long reply.

Sorry you got landed with disinfecting pots, I know it can be quite exhausting when you're in pain all the time. My mother used to get that chore. She grew most stuff from seeds and I can't think of the word but she used two "incubators" indoors to start them off.

Elaine. It appalling that you had to go ‘private’ because our NHS is so inefficient and over stretched. Its even worse that you spent all that money and still it has hasn’t been resolved.

I worked in the NHS for 40 yrs and would have always defended it, but it’s certainly failing patients now.

I’ve never had medical insurance, so there’s certainly limits on what I could afford to spend treatment wise. My Hubby paid into an accident/ health insurance for years and the only time he tried to claim, was after falling down some metal stairs and breaking a couple of ribs. They wouldn’t pay out. Apparently ribs weren’t included, according to the very small print which we hadn’t read properly!

Insurance companies suck, pardon the expression, they are all crooks, they rely on small print😠. I've never had private health insurance, dad did mores the pity and was instrumental in my mother's bad health and demise because the private pain clinic individual overdosed her with steroid injections and botuline. Nothing we could do about him as he lied through his teeth and wasn't NHS.

It really sickens me all the money I've wasted on private specialists, they are just trumped up NHS physicians. I was widowed in Aus at 38 with a 4 year old and came back to the UK when she was 7 in 1988. Half killed myself renovating an old house in a not particularly nice area but made a profit when I sold up to come where I am now.

Story of my life though not getting proper treatment.

In 1969 I was really ill for two weeks and treated for anxiety until I was carted off to hospital. Brucellosis from an Italian hotel serving up unpasteurised milk. So 4 weeks in hospital with 40 injections 10 days x 4 tetracycline and some other combination. So I daresay one of the reasons I don't absorb things very well. I feel pretty bitter after the way we spend thousands on visitors with no hope of being repaid and I couldn't even have an xray after falling down the stairs except 15 months later when too late for kyphoplasty.

I've sort of resigned myself now and stuck with parathyroidism and Hashimotos both just ignored. I think maybe I'll only go on another 10 years but knowing my luck will be longer if my dad is anything to go by, 6 months off 100 and he only died 3 years ago, ugh!

Sorry to hear of all your health problems, that’s really bad. You’ve had some terrible bad luck in your life. I totally agree with everything you say about the health system and consultants. Take the money and do as little as possible for it. I think too it all depends where you live. Some places in the uk seem better than others. What is Hashimotos?

Hi, was out yesterday doing my walk with my cleaning girl who is more like a daughter to me, she introduced me to this enormous park which I didnt even know existed if you followed the river path. Anyway, it was very pleasant apart from the front muscle cramps and clocked up 11,000 steps yesterday lol. However, by evening doom and gloom, a whole gold crown done many many years go decided to come off. So anxiety levels have gone from 100 to a 1000. I hate having my mouth interfered with, not bothered about pain just being trapped and I dont like being flat on my back. Used to be fine until a horrible root canal experience in Australia. Hopefully someone there on tuesday but not banking on them able to fit me in and what to do anyway. So will be a few lorazapam washed down I think Urgh. My daughter is picking up her toothless mother shortly and we are going back to her house with easter eggs galore.

Hashimotos proper name is Hashimotos thyroidiitis. It is when antibodies attack the thyroid and I only became aware of this 3 years ago when I started feeling really poorly and expensive endo didnt have a clue. Antibodies should be 0 - 30 and mine are off the scale >1300 so could run into thousands. They say the idea is to let the antibodies destroy the thyroid completely and then they put you on Levroxyne or whatever it's called and you suffer in the meantime.

Anyway, I had better get ready. hope you are having a pleasant easter. Weather was really hot yesterday 25 degrees but changing by wednesday. xx

11,000 Steps that’s great. I’d have to do 2 walks to do that, though up until last year we went on walking holidays and walked for hours. Sorry about your tooth. I also hate the dentist, even for a check up. Really lovely here today as well. I was out for a walk this morning and there’s lots of wild flowers and gorse in the hedgerows. I love the springtime.

11,000 steps is exceptional for me I have to admit and actually one is supposed to stomp along for the weight bearing advantage which I wasn't. When I put my microwaveable hotties in for 2 minutes I do try to jog on the spot until the ping and doing two at once for 4 mins is quite tiring. Two of the cats look at me as if I'm nuts. I do love the spring time as well but I also dread it and always fear for nesting birds and neighbours cats. I invested in cat protection fencing so mine cant get out and foreigners cant get in. As the neighbours generally in the street are morons and chop everything down in sight, I'm the only one really apart from my next door but one who has a couple of trees in the back garden so I had a section cordoned off with a gate so the birds can feed and bath with no fear of cats. Of course there is always the dreaded sparrowhawk that can come down. If I hear a chainsaw in close proximity, fills me with dread and I usually go marching around to check as so many people do not realise it is illegal to cut trees and hedges down from May to July if there are nests. Of course now we have the dreaded nets to contend with but fortunately that has been on the news and some councils forced to take them down, particularly Bacton cliff edge. Imagine sand martins flying 5,000 miles to safely nest only to find netting where they cannot get to the cliff holes or worse get trapped. The human race never fails to disappoint. Enjoy your last day of Easter I spent yesterday with my daughter and grandson and trying to put out of my mind an impending dentist trip, ugh!!

Elaine, I’m so glad to hear someone else feels the same about hearing chainsaws. The road I live off is full of trees and one by one for one reason or another lovely old trees are being taken down. I despair of mankind. It’s great that you act responsibly with your cats, but as you say there’s always something waiting to get the young birds. We have a sparrow hawk visits as well. But I think magpies are a bigger threat and gulls also. I was watching a baby starling last year and a gull came down and lifted it in one swoop. At least there’s an excuse for it happening in nature. I heard on the news this morning that there was a huge forest fire in the Mournes. Started deliberately I’m sure. Sorry for the rant, that’s it over. The weather is still lovely here. I’ll go out to the garden and get some vitamin D.🙂

When it comes to wildlife, trees etc rant away. I just saw a bit on the news about the Moors, yet another massive fire and started now they say by a bbq. In Australia they had total fire ban days including incinerators or anything involving fire and woe betide anyone caught. They just interviewed an NT man who said about all the ground nesting birds and mammals etc. It's heartbreaking. Mind you I don't support the NT with so many so called Trail Hunts they allow on their properties, also heartbreaking. We are living on an evil planet now being destroyed by so called humans. Hope you get a good quota of vitamin D. I sit out in it at every available opportunity but it doesn't seem to help much.

I was thinking about you crouched over a microscope. Oh I wish we had guidance in the old days about posture etc. I used to be glued to a typewriter and shorthand for an engineering company and then went to Aus and was medical secretary. Anyway, after years of that and when my husband died I bought a bike and made sure I was extra fit for the sake of my daughter but biking is not weight bearing. I lived on my bike until I was about 60 as I didnt drive. Didnt want to work whilst my daughter was so young and so I got yucky cleaning jobs and dish washing during school hours which was a killer but at least fairly healthy. But the downfall was sitting at the computer and for many years I started making subtitles from old movies on TV and one time did goodness knows how many series of Top Gear which was really boring but the hard of hearing and foreigners appreciated it. It gets worse, after mum died my daughter suggested we went to Greece towards the end of October, the island of Rhodes. Horrendous holiday, had no idea about Greece or the fact we had landed in what is termed as the "end of tourist season poisoning" We spent a good part of the holiday bursting into tears. When we got back naively wrote to the mayor and the government to let them know what was happening. Ha ha ha, they already knew and used to sanction it.

So I found Greek Animal Rescue and the founder ended up as my best friend, so this is where I think I did most damage to my bones. From 2008 until 2014 prior to my OP diagnosis, I literally spent 14 hours plus per day, every day, crouched over the computer compiling quite horrific videos with sad music and uploading to youtube to make people aware, this was constant as we had stuff sent us from all over Greece every day, we constantly write emails to governers, mayors, mp's, you name it, organised neutering programs. Sadly my friend died in May 2014 and so I gradually petered out as the people who took over the charity had different ideas, also I had taken on two greek cats and then in the august fell and was diagnosed with the dreaded op. Thinking back I probably barely moved those 6 years and my op was probably coming on for about 10 years after the menopause which was about 56. My daughter is about to arrive, running late of course, so I hope you Lynne spend a pleasant Easter Day.

Elaine. Very interesting to hear about your life occupations. I suspect folk doing the same work nowadays, still end up the bad backs due to poor posture while working.

I’ve just come in from the garden to make a quick ‘butty’ for lunch. Started painting a wooden arch yesterday, that Hubby made some years ago and it’s only been treated once since he made it. Been working at it all morning today, so hopefully will finish it by tea time.

Don’t like standing on steps, but Hubby has knee problems, so steps are a definite no no.

A filthy job, had to brush all the green powder algae off it first. Even though I was wearing overalls, face mask, hat and gardening gloves, I’ve managed to get it all over me. Makes a change from critter poo!

Best wishes

Lynne, I hope you didnt overdo it and it's all done with no harm done although probably some aching muscles. I did a similar thing in the week, got tall steps and a an extending window cleaning pole as the lean-to roof was looking a bit green but I had to undo some of the cat mesh fencing to get to it.

It is very frustrating when one has been used to doing DIY. After my husband died I carried on with the renovating and did all sorts of crazy things like replacing stumps in my daughters bedroom floor, even cladding, I think its called shiplapping here, with pine a whole house extension. Now I feel pretty useless and find I could easily fall over if I turn to quickly lol.

Going back to being sedentary and never being told to get up and move about, I remember as far back as the seventies when I used to go to and from Australia, that on Singapore Airways, they always encouraged passengers to move and do some exercises. Flight socks were unknown then.

Anyway, too late now to turn the clock back so we can only do what we can to help ourselves.

Lynne, that’s terrible hard luck, I’m sure it was agony. I never had much faith in GP’s and have even less now. When I went last year I could hardly walk and was given a cocktail of drugs which nearly drove me demented. I stopped them after a week as I couldn’t eat or sleep. I wasn’t even offered physio, so I went privately, and then went to see a consultant, who diagnosed the fractures in my spine. I’m still not able to stand for long but thank goodness I can walk for about 45 mins now, about 5000 steps. I’m getting acupuncture now to see if that will help as my legs get sore in bed.so here’s hoping, and on the up side I’m better than last year. Was thinking of starting Tai chi in a couple of months. Hope the weather is as lovely werevyou are as it is here. 🙂

Hi Walkingdogs. I’m glad you are improving, even if it is slowly.

Weather is beautiful here.

A new, hedgehog appeared in the garden last week, complete with ticks and small patches of ringworm, so I’m dealing with her twice a day in our summerhouse. Our other 3 regular night time visitors are males, so I dare not let her roam, until her ringworm is cleared. I’ve got visions of her immediately getting pregnant and having infected hoglets to contend with.

When I finished with her this morning, I still had my overalls, gloves and waterproof pinny on and Hubby said while you are well covered, can you just disinfect/wash me some planters off? Didn’t realise how many needed doing! Just spent the last 2 hours scrubbing them all with diluted Jays Fluid, then rinsing them all off. Not the best exercise for my back!

Enjoy the weather.

Lynne, I love hedgehogs, but haven’t seen one in my garden for a long time, although my garden is wildlife friendly. It’s great that your able to help them. Animals are the best. I love them all.🐰🐭🦊🐶

So do I. I did have a visitor a few years ago but builders next door put up a fence, so I dug underneath it and he/she was still able to get in. Then they put a side entrance gate up and that was that. I remember when I suspected hedgehogs were coming in I sat out on an old garden chair about 11 one night waiting. Imagine my surprise to get an almighty splat on my shoulder. Don't know what it was maybe an 🦉.

Lol. It’s supposed to be good luck 😄

Hasn't done much for me 😀

Hi Walkingdogs. Our hogs are nocturnal and virtually never visible in daylight hours. We have a security camera connected to a small monitor recorder, in the lounge. The earliest we’ve had them come this time of the year is about 9.30 pm. More often than not is the early hours of the morning. If it wasn’t for the camera thats pointing towards the food we have put out and the occasional poo on the lawn, I wouldn’t know they were there.

If you see one during the day, it usually indicates it’s starving and / or ill.

I can recognise which is which, because l Tipex ID and weigh them, the first time they come. If one arrives while I’m still up, I dash out and grab it, for a quick check over.

Best wishes

Sounds great, you obviously have a very kind heart. I've rescued a couple before all the gates went up. I watched one charge down the road quite speedy and go down the side gate and come through the gardens to mine. I miss that. The old girl next door got herself in a state and found one in her shed and wanted it out so I took it to rescue centre.

Lucky you to get so many. The last one I seen was about 6 years ago when I was up the garden with the dog one night. He was quite big, and just took his time and waddled off. Maybe some still visit, but I just don’t be there to see them.

I hope the acupuncture helps you. I'm thinking about that too but I think I need a chiropractor to at least check the misalignment as I'm sure that is what is causing more pain and the choking feeling in my neck, like the cricopharageal muscles. I don't think it's thyroid related, I hope not, because it dies down if I pop a benzo.

It's been really hot here. I spent the morning washing four cat beds and then sat in the sun for a while. I even turned out the front door outside curtain lol so I expect that will put the mockers on the weather although set for 24 degrees tomorrow.

Hope you are okay. I just checked my Fitbit barely a mile or 2500 steps today. I use those microwaveable heat pads constantly, the ones you wrap around with velcro, sometimes I have one on the front and one on the back, look like Michelin man. I've even walked over to tesco with one my back for fear of getting chilled but always worry it will drop off around my ankles. Am going to go and stand ony LivMD now.

I forgot to say, when the pads are microwaving I do sort of jogging on the spot for 2 mins, if I'm doing 2 of them 4 mins 😅 I'm dreading my electricity bill.

I hope the acupuncture helps too, she’s a Chinese lady and has been practicing for over 30 years and is always busy. This back is eating away my pension fund. Lol. I found heat helps mine as well

I have decided to delete my reply because this thread is not "locked" so anyone browsing any internet research engine can not only read the initial thread but all the replies too and can also be shared on Facebook and/Twitter.

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It is a secure group. If you can see the locked padlock thane it’s safe. You have to join the group to access the contents.

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Thank you, I appreciate that mollysuki, but this thread started by Walkingdogs is not "locked". There is no "padlock" on this thread.

If users would rather their content was not 'searchable' and/or 'Shareable', make sure when you start a thread you select the visibility status of your post as visible to 'Only followers in my community (Hidden post)' BEFORE you click submit. If you go back and change it later, the Post may still be 'searchable' for a short period.

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Does it really matter that much?

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It depends how personal one's posts/replies are to others and how one feels about the content being 'searchable' and/or 'shareable' outside of this community.

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Isn't that a good thing if it helps someone else. That was how I came upon healthunlocked by searching and better still the NOF forum.

Totally agree. It makes you feel you’re not on your own with the complaint. 🙂

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I actually enquired about this and the admins answer was of course I could limit my posts, but they actually prefer them to be open so they can, indeed, help anyone who is searching.

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Good and thank you.

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How do you lock a post. I haven’t a clue

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When you write a post that you wish other members to reply, when you have finished your posting, before you click submit/send , go to "who can see my post?" If you do not click on "only community members" then your posting can be seen by everyone.

The admin(s) of this community should put up a pinned notice informing members about Security/Privacy information.

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Ty, didn’t realise that. 🙂

Do you have any digestive issues related to this? I seem to be experiencing a problem

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I do, 4 fractures, made reflux worse, codeine for pain impossible so now have tramadol. I have found that only having a small amount of food at a time helped enormously. I have lost weight but that is also a side effect of another medication I am taking. Everyone tells me to pay attention to posture, I'm sure they're right but it's easier said than done!

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It is easier said than done when it takes all your energy to try and keep straight.

Yes, I get a lot of bloating, even though I don’t eat big meals. I was told to eat little and often, and I’m careful with my diet. I think it’s the loss of height that squashes all the organs together.

These drinks are something new and supposed to have everything in them you need. One of two of the ladies with really chronic stomach problems with osteoporosis has them on off days uk.huel.com/products/huel?u...

Ty. Worth looking at, even for the protein

Core strengthening moves like pilates should help support your spine and improve your posture at the same time. Obviously depending on medical advice if necessary.

I do some easy core exercises that the physio gave me. I’m reluctant to do Pilates as there’s a lot of moves I couldn’t do. I’m going to try Tai chi

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Walkingdogs - have you started Tai Chi? I have been doing 5 minutes for beginners with Leah Cohen on YouTube. I'll join a real class in a few days, for 1.5 hours. Luckily there are chairs at the sides of the room, and sitting to watch when tired is preferred to falling down and taking a crowd down with you. So that's good.

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Unfortunately the closest class to me is Chen style which I think would be too vigorous. I’m still looking

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Walkindogs - my class is '24 form'. Not vigorous, but it is sustained movement in changing directions. My memory isn't great, so it wont be easy. I hope you find. Have you checked AgeUK to see if they have a class nearby?

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I’ll check that out and maybe in September when night classes start in a school nearby there might be something. I know they had Tai chi some years ago.

A pot belly you can't get rid off could be an ovarian problem. I have this with an ovarian cyst. I'm stooping as well.

It only started after I had 2 vertebral fractures. Seemingly it’s because of loss of height. My ribs and pelvis have very little space between them, which makes for bad posture. Glad it didn’t happen when I was younger.

I've always had a roly poly tum, since being a toddler. I've never been any different. But I do feel my hips and ribs rubbing together. I have at least 4 spinal fractures.

I hate the feeling of it. I’m a size 8 and trousers that fit my hips are too tight at the waist now. Can’t bear anything tight at waist anymore. Ah well! Onwards and upwards. 😄

My mother had this. Her ribs collapsed into her abdomen. I think the only thing one can do is to try to prevent it. I do Pilates and yoga, at least one of the two for 6 days a week. I have been followed up by the Dexa scan people since I was 52. Now 66 and diagnosed last September. Diet and exercise, also no smoking or alcohol.

Pass the word on to the younger generation, they need to start protecting their bone at a young age.

Best wishes.

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Very true. I wish someone had told me when I was young, as there wasn’t any Op. in the family. I smoked up until I was 30. Maybe that contributed to it. I was diagnosed when I was 65 but wouldn’t take the meds. I’m sorry now that I didn’t because I have to now at 73. It’s a big nuisance, but I suppose I could be worse. I try to get as much walking as I can and it helps.

Groups like this are a great help too. You learn a lot from other people in the same situation. 🙂

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I'm just wondering why you regret not taking the meds at 65 Walkingdogs? Were you told if you'd taken them then you wouldn't need them now? My understanding is that you take bisphosphonates for a few years, then have a break, then back on them again. Or denosumab (prolia) would be for life. That's one of the many reasons I'm refusing them now (early 60s) but realise I might have to succumb when I'm older!

in reply to Met00

Hi, I do regret not taking the meds, although at the time it wasn’t explained to me. When the Gp got the results of my dexa scan she never spoke to me about it. Just posted out a prescription for Alendronic acid. When I looked it up I didn’t like the look of it so i just modified my diet. Wrong decision. I take the weekly meds and haven’t had any side effects in nearly 8 months since I started. I think really it all depends on how bad the osteoporosis is. Mine isn’t good. I also make sure I get plenty of minerals in my diet.

I just watched my mother’s spine crumble as she lost about a foot in height. That was the 1990s. I researched it then and the advice then was physical activity and medication. Before anyone told me I worked out that alcohol and smoking were no good. I didn’t smoke. I do remember her taking a lot of calcium and getting kidney stones from that.

In the early 2000’s I moved to the U.K. and they agreed to keep me on observation. So picked it up before any spinal fractures or serious fractures. I talk to my daughter about it. She was a gymnast and horse rides, does Pilates. So I hope she has the message.

in reply to Savbing

I’m sure your daughter has taken heed. I don’t think calcium is the answer. The doctors hand strong calcium out, and the body can’t take it. Causes tummy problems too. There’s a lady on YouTube. Barbara O’neill who is worth listening to. She talks about different complaints as well as osteoporosis.

Mine is the classic osteo tummy due to several spinal fractures and a loss of height by four inches. My ribs now rub on the tip of my hip bone. The pain at times is unbearable 😥 I seen a surgeon about the possibility of having part of the 12th rib removed. Luckily? both my daughters have seen first hand how this has impacted on my life. One has always loved exercises the other one hates it but has now joined a Pilates class-she still hates it but does it!

That sounds really bad. I don’t have a lot of pain, just very uncomfortable. I’ve lost 7cms. It gets tiring holding myself as straight as I can. I hope the surgeon is able to do something for you 🤞

Not exactly sure what a folding over tummy is! I definitely have a pot belly which feels flabby! I’ve always had a pot belly due to posture. Notice most women seem to have one my age!

in reply to Siamang

The perils of old age 😂

An acquaintance of mine, probably more than 10 years older, so in her 80s, developed very severe osteoporosis and was bent almost to a right angle She started walking with poles. Not able to use Nordic walking poles in the standard way, nevertheless the instructor viewed her as a star pupil as she straightened up a great deal. With the poles she can stand straight. Without them she is still very stooped, but I can tell over the past few years she's improved a great deal, so the muscles which help her be upright must be much stronger than they had been,.

I see an elderly man when I’m out walking. He is nearly bent in two, and he has started using the poles. When I see him, I feel bad about complaining. There’s always someone worse off than yourself.

My mother had a friend doubled over with osteoporosis but she never complained. Somehow did own shopping, caught trams and enjoyed going to concerts! Lived alone and passed away aged 99years.

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Poor woman. I don’t think I’d want to live that long in that condition.

in reply to Walkingdogs

Walkingdogs - I used to be amazed at her determination. She was mentally alert- my mother and her would spend hours on the phone talking about what was in the newspapers! We often took her out to lunch and she was always bright company. Not sure how life progressed for her after my mother passed away at 97 but do know she was still living independently at home. I know she took pharmaceutical medication for her osteoporosis but not sure what.

in reply to Siamang

I think a positive outlook goes a long way, and she must have had an interest in what was going on, and was determined to enjoy life. I think we could take a leaf out of her book. As you say she was mentally alert which means a lot. 🙂

Nordic walking helps upper body strength and encourages an upright posture. Get instruction and do it as close to the specified way as possible, but modify to suit your needs. A friend of mine can stand upright with her poles although as you describe it she does "fold" when without them. She also can't pole walk in quite the prescribed way, but has done so well the instructor considered her a star pupil! It's very easy to learn and worth the initial investment in good quality poles. Just a few minutes walk a few times a week, increasing the time gradually as the muscles become stronger.

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