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Hi I was diagnosed with OP 12 months ago 2.6 and decided not to take AA but seek out alternative,I have thought carefully about my diet added certain things and walk an hour plus every day I went to the GP as I believe I have a frozen shoulder GP thinks so too and sent me for an exray that's not my issue but as I entered her office she got very angry towards me and said"why havnt you been taking your AA I'm so worried about your spine" she kept saying it over and over now I'm worried iv not done the right thing has anyone else been pressured by their GP ?

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I think lots of people have.

I had a quick look back at your first post and it seemed at that time your DXA reading were barely into the OP range so your decision to avoid the medications was warranted, I think. Your doctor has no business frightening you like this. You've been doing what you can to maintain your bone health and improve it.

A question, though. Did your doctor run the necessary tests to determine the cause of your low bone mass? There are a number of medical conditions, or medications taken for other illnesses, which can cause bone thinning and unless that cause is addressed all the medications or, indeed, all the exercise in the world will not help your bones to get stronger. I've seen a number of people post about problems with the parathyroid, for example. I'm not medically trained so I don't know the implications, but that particular cause can be successfully treated, and then the bones improve without bone meds being added. So there might be a cause other than simple aging and perhaps earlier inactivity and it would be good to know that all those possibilities have been checked before you are pressured to take bone meds. We all lose some bone mass as we age but if we eat well and get enough weightbearing exercise then we can maintain and even improve our bones.

Jule777 in reply to HeronNS

Thank you for your reply,I am going back to see her for results of x-ray on my shoulder this week,my next scan is in another years time I think if she was that concerned about my spine through lack of meds she could have sent me for another scan to see is my numbers have escalated but she refused.i do wonder if GPs benifit from giving out medication,I don't know what my numbers are one year in but as you say a year ago they were 2.6 and I felt that the side effects from the meds could possibly effect my quality of life,my GP makes me feel that I am taking up too much of her time although it's only my 2nd visit in 12 months.

Titian8 in reply to Jule777

Hi Jule777, It is only due to forums like this and other researches that lots of info is obtained, allowing us to make up our own minds on what is best for us. I have the same T scores as you and also listened to friends and family on their experience with AA etc.

Both the OP nurse at the hospital and my GP wanted to prescribe this immediately. However, I no longer accept prescribed drugs without balancing up the pros and cons of serious side effects and I definitely decided not to take them under any circumstances.Indeed my OP seemed to have been due to many years of medication for Hiatus Hernia/Heartburn (PPIs) and my alternative nowadays is Slippery Elm powder, which works too. THerefore, I just politely declined AA, no matter how much pressure to do so, but accepted a prescription for D3.

However, first GP gave a prescription for combined calcium/D3 but I returned this to the chemist as it contained 4 artificial sweeteners (I avoid these like the plague!). I then asked another GP in the practise to prescribe Vit D3 only, as I researched some more and the jury is out on calcium supplements, so prefer to get this from food now. Alas that capsule of D3 contained 11 E numbers, some of which were banned in other countries: so I now buy my own D3 drops without all the fillers, colours etc (even although all prescriptions in Scotland are free for everyone!).

So the bottom line is its your body, and it's personal choice if you wish to take prescribed drugs or not, not the doctor. I read so much on this site initially, so you go into a consultation knowing so much more. The OP nurse didn't know much about K2 and my GP had never heard of it and neither had I until read all the posts and recommendations on here. So glad I did.

I dug my heels in and refused to take AA or calcichew. My GP wasn’t impressed, until I told him that I’m taking CBD which plays an active role in building new bone. See here:

He then wrote to the hospital and asked for the scan images. It turns out that my hip and thigh are very dense. The only issue was the L3 vertebrae that I’d comprehensively fractured, which most likely had a prior weakness due to previous injury.

He then accepted that there was no justification for taking AA.

I’m also taking turmeric with cucumin capsules (it’s the cucumin that does the work). Among the 800 known health benefits, it can also increase bone density by 7% - every little helps!

Take a look at the post by MiaLee 4 days ago, called “Scaring women into taking dangerous drugs” she’s posted some links to articles that I’m sure you would find interesting.

Don’t let your doctor bully you, it’s your choice, there’s a lot of people on here who don’t want to take meds. I offered to sign a disclaimer, saying that I’d been advised to take medication, but had declined. x

Thank you for your encouragement I would not have gone back to her if not for my shoulder it's making me quite low as now I can't move it at all so the last thing you need is to be blown out for something I believe I am working on to the best of my ability,my back actually is so much better since I have made a few changes to my daily routine maybe it's time to change GP I remember reading the possible side effects and made the decision that's not for me but for a moment I did wonder if I had made the right decision then after a few days my instincts reminded me to keep doing what I'm doing x

It’s always good to listen to your intuition. I always ask my body what it wants now. I suffered a very rare reaction to a medication, which left me at the time, unable to move. If it doesn’t feel right, I don’t do it!

One of MiaLee’s articles outlines how Merck made osteopenia (which I have), a treatable condition, it’s very clever, but pretty scandalous! x

Hi Rosey, I found a source for high grade CBD oil right at my local grow shop. It was quite dear, but I need to try it. 1 oz. has 1000 mg full spectrum, organic cbd oil, with olive oil. The first couple of days I think I took too much, as I had this migraine feeling knocking at my door, so I have cut it back and take it right before bed. I'm wondering if it would work better, if I took it at two in the morning, like I do with the pred. Line up all the troops for the attack.

Hi Misspops, 1000mg is a strong dose, so you have done the right thing in cutting the back the amount you’re taking. Start with a drop at bedtime, increasing to a drop morning and night. You could then increase it to 2 drops, if necessary.

Avoid taking CBD at the same time as your meds, as the CBD could interact with them and increase the risk of an adverse reaction. Your CBD is also likely to be more effective if you take it alone.

Hi Rosey,

Could you explain what and how you are taking the CBD oil. Is there a certain strain that is better for bones? I want to start taking it, but not sure which one.


Yes of course. I’m not aware of a particular strain being better for bones, but I like to take a full entourage CBD, which contains range of terpenes, which are also beneficial.

I’m using Full Entourage Aqua 400, but as the 400 is very strong and I’m taking for fibromyalgia pain, I’d recommend taking the Aqua 200 from Simply CBD online. They are very good and profits go to their dog sanctuary.

I’ve written a beginners guide to CBD, which I regularly update - are you happy if I PM it you?

If anyone else would like a copy, feel free to PM me.

Rosey x

Yes, please, but I don't know what PM is.

Sorry, it is a direct message to you, not posted on the forum. PM means personal message. The guide will be with you shortly. x 🙂

Janjos in reply to misspops

I too would like any advice you may have on CBD thanks

Hi Janos, Would you like me to send you a copy of my guide to taking CBD?

Yes please

I’m just doing a big update, so will sent it to you later today. 🙂

Oh yes. I was told by the Dr that if I didn’t take it, if I fell I would break my hip, infection would/could set in and I could die. Oh and the resulting dowagers hump if I don’t take it. My Rheumatologist also said it was necessary. I keep my hospital notes, and in2009 I had a chest X-RAY. Clinical report was that my lungs are hyperinflated in keeping with obstructive airways disease. I do have issues with breathing and swallowing at times. AA would add to the issues. I have pre-diagnosed osteoporosis, and can see why they insist on it, but have read medical reports which are scary, including hardening of the bones, with thigh bones known to have snapped, after taking AA for some time in a number of cases. My information is based on searching the Internet, as have been completely ignorant about all these issues until a year ago.

Marijo1951 in reply to ClarkB

Yes, it seems you have to trade the bone's natural flexibility, which actually helps to prevent fractures, with rock hard inflexible bone that is more likely to shatter. It makes no sense at all to me.

Hi Jule 777

I tried AA for 4 months. It made my gastritis far worse so I stopped taking it. Did lots of research and started supplementing and stepped up the exercise. My GP tried to give me Omeprazole to take alongside the AA. He wasn't impressed when I told him that I didn't think that taking one medication to counter the side effects of another was a very good idea, especially when that medication causes osteoporosis. He referred me to the Rhumatologist. This was in March, nothing has happened yet. I did phone up once and was told I was on the waiting list and would be called when they got round to me. As it is I'm not pushing it. I had a bad fall in August whilst walking the dog, slipped and fell onto a plank bridge over a ditch. Pulled a few muscles, but didn't break anything. I'm feeling great and other than being a bit more careful, getting on with life.

I have given a summary of my experience of osteoporosis on MiaLee's post. I refused bisophonates 10 years ago after being told my spine was in the -2.5 dexa range. At the time there were no support groups and I felt very apprehensive. I have had no fragility breaks in the intervening years relying on lots of exercise and recently taking supplements and eating well. If I do have fragility breaks in the coming years I'll consider drugs. An acquaintance told me recently that 10 years ago she was scared into taking bisophonates by her doctor and rues the day as she has had breaks since as well as receiving a call from her doctor's practice to get off whatever she is on as her liver is damaged! I'd be in the same boat as she was left taking the drugs for a solid 10 years.

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