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My Story - Osteoporosis


It was 20th October 2013 when it happened. A fun family day out changed my life forever. I was roller skating and fell over. I’ll cut a long story short, I ended up fracturing my spine (t12) but I didn’t get the treatment I needed because I was misdiagnosed. After blood tests and X-rays it was discovered that I have osteoporosis. I’m 24 and my love of milk and dairy is healthy. They’ve got me on a vitamin d supplement and the deterioration of bones was spreading to my hips. This year my specialist told me that had stopped. For a long time I was scared I wouldn’t be able to have children or carry full term. That was my biggest fear in life. It still is. Some days I can walk for hours. Others I can’t even sit for 10 minutes without being in pain. Most of the information online is for older people who suffer with osteoporosis. So I can’t really find any help and support there.

I’m looking here for help/support/tips on how to get my life back to some normality and to stop being so reliant on pain medication.

Thank you for reading.

Chrissie x

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I am sorry to read your story. I would suggest that if you are in the UK to give the NOS helplines a call and speak with a nurse. T: FREEPHONE 0808 800 0035

Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm.

Many of us on the forum take supplements: magnesium, K2, boron, if eating 5-6 prunes per day does not agree with you or you loathe prunes. I drink Kefir. The GP prescribes Vit D to me. as on discussion with him, I have enough calcium in my daily diet.

Hi chrissie you poor thing I would echo Kaarinas advice tho I'm surprise they didn't suggest alendronic acid or the like, but that's not for everyone I know. Sounds like your doing the best you can at the moment, I would definitely be asking for a regular dexa scan too as Kaarina says the osteoporosis nurses are a great source of help and information, good luck to you x

If you do call the NOS helpline which I hope you will it may be a good idea to have any DEXA scan reports to hand as this can help the nurse more during your conversation with her. Do let us know how you go on .

Hello Chrissie, I'm sorry to hear your story. You are still young and bone density can still build into your 30's so there is time to work on your musculoskeletal health.

Hi Chrissie

So sorry to hear your story - please do ask for advice from the NOS as suggested. Have you any idea WHY you have osteoporosis at such a young age? I would think this should be the main concern of your doctors. Sometimes the symptoms are treated without getting to the underlying cause.

Very best wishes.

Hi Chrissie. I'm also 24 and struggling with osteoporosis. My scores are severe and the idea that I might not be able to carry children is a huge worry of mine too. Feel free to message me if you want to chat. Echoing what others have said, do you have any info about your scores or what might have contributed to you developing this?

Best wishes,


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