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Fractured tib & fib

Hello I'm new to this site I was just wondering if anybody has had the same injury and how they healed up from it. It happened on the 28th November due to a work place accident I fell from height. I had plates and screws inserted to begin with however they ended up infected and had to be removed so I have had an external fixator on since the beginning of January. I am in for a review next Thursday to see if it can be removed , so if anyone has had the same experience how did you get on when it was removed? I'm also a type 1 diabetic had an episode of dka while I have had this fixator on.

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That sounds like a miserable injury and set of events.

By and large, posters in this forum have fractures associated with osteoporosis or osteopenia. A family friend recently sustained fractures like yours when she fell as she was disembarking from a train tho' she hasn't had your additional complications.

I hope that you have some good news at your review.


It's been a bit of a nightmare it's fair to say. You know of a more appropriate place to post this then as I only joined last night. Thanks hope your friends ok


Hello Glasgow Boy

Sorry to hear about your injury. I too broke tib and fib after a fall, but not from a height. I too had plate and screws. Fortunately I had no infection and so didn't have your ongoing problem. It healed up well and gives me no problems except when I am lying down and rest leg on the screw head which protrudes slightly from my ankle bone.. Other than that, all is good. Hope you go on OK.


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