Any real chance?

Hi all I'm Will. I'm 40 and a few weeks Go was diagnosed with OP. I'm wondering does/can anyone still train in these areas I'm told I have 3 fractures in my vertebrae. Not given any treatment yet as awaiting dexa scan.  I know there are people out there far worse off than myself, and my heart goes out to you all, but I want to know. I'm a mma fighter, keen cyclist, angler ect. What I'm getting at is, do I have a future? With depression and anxiety to deal with too it's weighing me down a little. Enough self pity, I appreciate your advice. Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help. 

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  • Yes Will, you do have a future. You say you like exercise, maybe your first port of call could be to look at the REPS website (register of exercise professionals), you put in your postcode and, from a drop down list, what your health issues are, and a list of people with the relevant qualifications will pop up, I wish you well 

  • Have you telephoned the NOS Helpline? They would certainly be in a position to have a knowledgeable discussion about your particular set of circumstances and interests.

    Website and phone number in contact details:

    Best wishes.

  • Hi Useless707, its been a long time since you last posted this, how are you doing now?

    I expect you have had guidance from a physiotherapist by now or if you have made contact with the NOS helpline. Those would be my recommendations for people who may read this in a similar situation to yourself as at 6 months ago.

    Its recommended that people with OP exercise but not to the point it involves excessive stress on the joints, high impact excessive training is probably not a good idea if you have severe OP or you have or are currently healing fractures in the vertebrae.

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