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Any real chance?

Hi all I'm Will. I'm 40 and a few weeks Go was diagnosed with OP. I'm wondering does/can anyone still train in these areas I'm told I have 3 fractures in my vertebrae. Not given any treatment yet as awaiting dexa scan.  I know there are people out there far worse off than myself, and my heart goes out to you all, but I want to know. I'm a mma fighter, keen cyclist, angler ect. What I'm getting at is, do I have a future? With depression and anxiety to deal with too it's weighing me down a little. Enough self pity, I appreciate your advice. Thanks for reading and I hope someone can help. 

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Yes Will, you do have a future. You say you like exercise, maybe your first port of call could be to look at the REPS website (register of exercise professionals), you put in your postcode and, from a drop down list, what your health issues are, and a list of people with the relevant qualifications will pop up, I wish you well 


Have you telephoned the NOS Helpline? They would certainly be in a position to have a knowledgeable discussion about your particular set of circumstances and interests.

Website and phone number in contact details:

Best wishes.


Hi Useless707, its been a long time since you last posted this, how are you doing now?

I expect you have had guidance from a physiotherapist by now or if you have made contact with the NOS helpline. Those would be my recommendations for people who may read this in a similar situation to yourself as at 6 months ago.

Its recommended that people with OP exercise but not to the point it involves excessive stress on the joints, high impact excessive training is probably not a good idea if you have severe OP or you have or are currently healing fractures in the vertebrae.


Hi Will, did you get your DEXA results? Most exercise is actually beneficial for bone health, I am 31 and have osteopenia and do plenty of weight lifting and running which helps. I don't bother much with cycling or swimming as I like to focus on activities that create osteoblasts. I think you only need to avoid exercise if you have quite severe condition, and then only certain types that involve twisting and putting pressure on skeleton....although obviously go with your doctors advice!


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