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Post pelvic radiotherapy


Hi, I would appreciate any advice please. I'm nearly two years post treatment (combined radio/chemo therapy for a rare cancer, a treatment which although short, is particularly aggressive. Many of us have been left with very sore hips and thighs, pain and stiffness which weren't present before - the treatment also produces an immediate menopause.

I spoke to my GP about this and was sent for an xray, which showed no problems, but I'm now wondering if I'm at higher risk of osteoporosis, especially as I was on and off corticosteroids for years for my asthma (I'm now 52). Would it be worthwhile asking if I should have a bone density scan? I'm not somebody who relishes any procedures but am seriously worried that if I had a fall, this could result in a break due to undiagnosed problems. I'm not sure whether I should be taking any kind of supplement, such as calcium or not and would appreciate any words of wisdom as to what I should do.

Many thanks.

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Hello Mercime,

I would certainly ask your GP about taking a Calcium plus vitamin D3 supplement. I take Adcal D3, which I've been taking since I finished my chemo for breast cancer. It was homone positive, so need to take an anti hormone tablet and was already osteopenic. If your GP will refer you for a DEXA scan I'd advise you to have one to be on the safe side. Not painful, and if you have no zips or anything metal in your clothing, you won't even need to undress. Perhaps you could visit the National Osteoporosis Society website - for more information.

As for getting a broken bone, you don't necessarily have to fall. I have three spinal fractures which just occurred out of the blue, without doing anything out of the ordinary. NOS has loads of booklets to download or order through the post, one about exercise is very good. Weight bearing exercise like walking is probably one of the best things you can take up - if you are able. A diet high in calcium and vitamin D is also advisable. Oily fish, skimmed milk, as much fruit as you want. One of our members had done a lot of research on taking a vitamin K2 supplement, She may pop along soon and give you the benefit of her expertise.

Sending you very best wishes, please visit often and let us know how you are getting on.


Ask for scan on second thoughts demand , my radiotherapy was May 1981 at the age of 27 first bone scan was 20years later when I changed GP and on hearing family history I have OP on both sides and mother first showed signs at 52 that plus radiotherapy she sent me for scan using special circumstances as reason.,

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