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Had osteoporosis since I was 19 now 30


I was diagnosed with osteoporosis when I was 19 although they think I have had it all my life I have had both my knees reconstructed as they grind away I need both knee replacements but as I'm 30 they won't do then, I'm at the point where I have had enough I live in chronic pain I take constant pain killers 2x 50mg tramadol 4 times a day gabapentin 300mg 4x 4 times a day paracetamol when needed and they have Aldo given me oral morphine this week when required what like do I have I try loosing weight but where I can hardly walk because of pain it never comes off does anyone have any advice x

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You could maybe try Slimming World? I lost two stone with them and you don't have to exercise. (although it's better if you do). I too have osteoporosis and have knee pain, that I just put up with. I don't know what else to suggest other than maybe trying to keep your weight down. Is there any exercise you can do that would help? Can you swim?

You need a hug, so sending you a very gentle one. What part of the country do you live,what kind of support do you get. Can understand about knees, they can only replace 3times each lasting 10/15 years are you in touch with OP society . Sorry if seem to be asking questions excuse being have daughter of 40 with RD and as a mum this is what I would be working through with her Olive

Dear Kerrijayne,

You have all my sympathy. I have had rheumatoid arthritis for over 40 years, since I was 22 years old. My knees were a major problem from the age of about 28 years. Have had in excess of a hundred local steroid injections in them over the years. All those years ago, I was told I was too young to have replacement joints, despite being slim. Over the years I have had continuing problems with my knees and had severe pain which has severely affected my mobility. Have had several periods when I have had to resort to using a wheelchair. Three times in the last twelve months alone.

Do persist in your efforts to get replacement joints. See another consultant for a second opinion if necessary. You need to manage your own case. A life in constant pain requiring strong painkillers is not an option. Lose some weight and get help to do so if necessary. Most people take the ability to walk pain-free for granted. For some of us it is a dream. Take action whilst you are still so young.

Best wishes Pam X

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