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Hi all, I'm new to this particular forum and here's my story, treated, successfully, for Breast Cancer in October 2013, been on Tamaxofen for 2 yrs, not sure if I'll be changed to another tablet at some point, had a Dexa scan April 2014, told I'm at intermediate risk of fractures, don't have to do anything except have another scan in 3 - 5 yrs if anyone has any advice on how to reduce my risk of fractures I'd really appreciate it, love and hugs to all, stay warm in this cold weather

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So sorry to hear about your difficult journey. I hope that you are feeling better in yourself now? I've been following a natural regimen to help deal with a diagnosis of osteopenia and "high risk" of fracture as I am on prednisone for polymyalgia rheumatica. I would be happy to private message you the paragraphs I've written, mainly to keep track of things for myself, if you like? I certainly advise against the osteoporosis drugs, especially as you have already had to deal with the toxins of medication in your body (as I have with the steroids), and I think the chances of natural methods working well are quite high. I think, given your history, you should run any suggestions past your doctor, however.


Your story is similar to mine. But I was too old for Tamoxifen, so take Anastrazole, but it bore the same risk. I'm also on long term steroids. I was Osteopenic, but now have a spinal wedge fracture. I do have one suggestion to reduce your risk of fractures, If you are able to walk, I should try taking a 15 minute to half hour brisk walk for at least 3 days a week. I now also use resistance bands. There are several exercises to use them for. Sit on the front of a dining chair with a band over one foot while holding the other ends with both hands. Pull these ends tightly upwards, raising the leg and pushing into the band. Do this 8 - 10 times on each foot alternately.


More information on the National Osteoporosis Society's website.


Hi Jennymary

Congratulations on successfully beating breast cancer, my friend’s mother has just got the all clear as well and now seems to be in a similar situation as yourself, wanting to prevent osteoporosis and lower her fracture risk while avoiding drugs treatments. I'm about to launch a new medical device in the UK focused on exactly that.

It’s called the LivMD and here’s the website

It’s a gently vibrating platform that stimulates adult stem cell in the bone marrow and influences them to turn into bone building cells as opposed to fat cells. It’s supported by a great deal of research and is particularly useful as a preventative treatment for fractures and osteoporosis, while also being drug free and without side effects.

We are in the process of finalising our relationship with the National Osteoporosis Society, who are an amazing resource for information and support.

You mentioned you were from the West Country, we’re based in Bristol, and I’d be more than happy to have a chat with you about the device and how it can help.

My contact details are on the website so feel free to get in touch.

Best of luck,



Hi Jenny, I too have had breast cancer in 2011 and have been on Anastrozle for the last 4 years which have played havoc with my bone density (which wasnt great in first place). Im not great at taking tablets and feel what with the anastrozle, the extra vit D and Calcium I take and the hypertension tablets I couldnt face taking anything else so we went down the weight bearing exercises regime along with a calcium and vitamin d enriched diet. Unfortunately my t score is deteriorating so I am booked in for my first denosumab injection in a few weeks. Any advice would be appreciated.


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