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Thank you Andrea ❤️❤️❤️

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I just want to take a moment and wish Andrea a very Merry Christmas and also to thank her for everything she does and has done for the last 20 years to raise awareness, help HCC patients and caregivers, be a kick butt advocate and just an all around amazing lady. What is also truly wonderful is that all this is PERSONAL to her. Believe me, she takes all of us into her heart and honestly cares about everyone. She will take time out of her busy day to reach out with a word of encouragement, comfort, whatever is needed. I am so thankful that night almost two years ago when I stumbled onto Blue Faery. God KNEW I'd need her and the rest of the amazing people I've met in this group. It also gave Jimmy and I a chance to learn about being advocates to try to raise awareness of HCC and how it impacts our lives. Sharing Jimmy's story and continuing the fight is also what will help keep me from going down into a black hole of grief.

If you have Instagram, check out the post by Hashtag Health about the interview we did in June. 💙💙💙

Picture of my Jimmy with the chainsaw I gave him for an anniversary present in August.

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Thank you, Sharon! Your post brought tears to my eyes. Much love to you! 💙

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