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Blue Faery Needs Your Story

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Hello everyone!

Blue Faery is embarking on a digital campaign to increase our individual giving this fall. Part of the campaign includes sharing stories about

+living with liver cancer,

+surviving liver cancer, and

+caring for loved ones with liver cancer.

If you're open to sharing your story, please email Michael Johnston at

Put "Referred by Blue Faery Sharing My Story" in the subject line.

Thank you!

~Andrea 🙏💙

P.S. There is no honorarium for this opportunity. Just our sincere gratitude.

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Jimmy and I would be happy to share our story. Just a small way to give back to Blue Faery for everything it's given to us. ❤️❤️❤️Sharon Dixon

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I am with Sharon on this. Blue Faery have been very supportive and constructive, so it would be a small thank you.

DancingEyes63 & nashy2 = would you mind emailing you so I can introduce you to Michael? Thank you! 💙 Andrea

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