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Atenolol and Ramilpril - Acid reflux

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I started Antenolol 25mg 2 weeks ago and was advised to take it in the morning and to alter taking Ramipril 5mg from in the morning which I have done for years, to taking it in the evening.

But the acid reflux I suffer from and take esomeprazole for has suddenly flared up since the above. My reflux was well under control until then.

My Doctor has tried several tablets for my blood pressure over the past 2 years as I have had reactions to them and he gives it 2 -3 weeks before we meet to discuss how they are affecting me.

There have been so many different unpleasant side effects from the various blood pressure tablets but Atenolol seems better than most if it were not for the acid reflux.

Has anyone else had this and if so any hints and tips how to deal with it, and has the acid reflux improved over time.


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