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What next.

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Hi my bp is 180/110 and my Junior Dr does not know what to try next, I have tried other meds Doxazosin gave me palpitations diuretics bp went up. He has just upped atenolol to 50mg. This has just lowered my pulse to 55 bpm for 60bpm. I do 40mins exercise 6 days a week I am slightly overweight. My current meds are.

Lercanidipine 20mg tablets

Losartan 100mg tablets

Atenolol 50mg

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Evos, thank you for posting here. We’re not medics, though, and it would be unsafe for us to advise you on medication. But what I can do is signpost you to a charity who might be able to help.

This is Blood Pressure UK.

It’s worth reading their website and maybe calling their helpline,

My experience is that I had a hypertensive crisis Nov. 2020 with higher readings than yours,apart from my meds I declared war on my BP, I lost weight even though I wasn't overweight, I moved to a healthy diet, I do tons of exercise: walking (at pace and hills), exercise bike, dancing, press ups, abdominal exercise etc.Key to everything was giving up caffeine as I found that when I did so my BP dropped like a stone: my systolic had settled to 160, without caffeine it plunged to 120.

I also take kyoloc garlic and magnesium daily

Unpleasant side effects from my meds lasted eight months, they have now subsided completely.

I wish you well.

The first thing I have to say is don't panic, and don't despair. There are any number of combinations of medication that can and will reduce your BP. Your doctor just needs to find the right one. In the meantime, lose weight, cut out as much salt, fat and sugar from your diet as you can and above all, try not to worry about this. That will only make it - and you - worse. My BP is presently through the roof, and was controlled nicely by Amlodipine, until I realized the Amlodipine was giving me terrible acid reflux. Now I'm on Losartan and that has been worse than useless for me. But have patience, my friend. We will all get there in the end.

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denden999 in reply to reedcolfax

Can I ask what your bp is now as you are saying it is through the roof? Just curious. Ty

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reedcolfax in reply to denden999

Right now it's around 184 over 106.

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denden999 in reply to reedcolfax

Ty for your speedy response. I tend to panic when mine goes high which obviously makes it worse

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reedcolfax in reply to denden999

I'm just as bad, and I suspect quite a few of us out there are the same. All we can do is trust that things will get better ... though it's difficult, if not impossible, sometimes!

Hi Evos. Can you ask to see a senior GP as it sounds like your junior doctor needs more experience and if he/she doesn't know what medication you can try next, you should be asked to see someone who does. Good luck.

You should ask to be refered to a Hypertension Centre. They are part of the kidney units at major hospitals

Thank you all for you response’s. It has put my mind at rest. I will take your advise and see if I can improve Bp. Caffeine is first as I do drink a lot from works vending machine.

I have now been taken off atenolol by a senior DR and changed to Bisoprolol 5mg tablets, after 1 week of no caffeine and new tablets BP has gone done to 150/85. Hopefully this will continue to drop and thank you to everyone for advice.

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