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amlodipine 10 mg or not working my blood pressure is still sky high

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amlopomine 10mg not working for high BP with kidney disease stage 4

ive been on these for one week now when I started my blood was 150 over 120 it has now went down a little to average 140 over 90 so these medications are not working I have Stage 4 chronic kidney disease so one1il this is fighting against the other seeing my doctor soon what should I ask him should I ask him to put me on losartan or Another blood pressure med. Have lemon my salt intake very very hard I mean it is extremely hard one can of vegetable soup has like 1 g I'm sick of eating salad I'm trying to get 2 L of water down my neck every day but that is really hard to to has anybody any tips for me please I'm sitting in my home now waiting to take a stroke or a heart attack or for my kidneys to feel the doctor's will not let me go into hospital stating that covid-19 is too high and too much risk thank you very much for any advice

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It takes a while for amlodipine to work. I started out on 5mg amlodipine in the spring of last year and this was increased to 10mg a couple of weeks later. It took about 4-6 weeks for my blood pressure to reduce significantly with 10mg amlodipine so if you have only been taking it for a week, it is still early days. Try not to worry since this will not help your blood pressure. Amlodipine is a very effective drug but it does take time.

Hello deemaxx. I’m sorry you are so troubled. It sounds like you need advice on your diet so please read the website of the charity Blood Pressure UK. I hope you will find it helpful.

Your systolic has gone from 150 to 140, a drop of 10. While your diastolic has gone from 120 to 90, a drop of 30, and you have been on that dose for only one week. Older guidelines allowed 140/90 as a ceiling. Because your blood pressure has dropped, your medication is working.

I suggest you ask your doctor whether that would be the right blood pressure for you. You might want to view this youtube by Dr. Sanjay Gupta :

If you are concerned about side effects or if your side effects with amlodipine are dramatic, you might want to ask your doctor whether you should remain on monotherapy (taking one drug at a high dose as you are on now) or go to combo therapy (more than one drug at a lower dose).

As other have mentions, your BP has come down, and that means your diet, and BP meds are working. Amlodipine does take some time to work, which is why doctors normally start at a low dose and work their way up. Despite what the recommendations say, 140/90 is a bit high, but not troubling if you are otherwise following a healthy diet and such. Some people run a little hight. Me personally, my BP lives around 140/88, and despite taking meds and water pills, it normally has little effect, and when it does the side effect are not worth the few points on my BP.

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Thanks, but ive got stage 4 kidney disease, and my eGFR is 19 or now lower from last weeks test, i get newcresults tomorrow, i need BP down or they will fail any moment, doc told me today that " diet" will not bring it down but BP needs to come down

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Yes, with the Kidney disease, you should listen to your doctor, and give the meds a chance to work.

I am so sorry that you feel so rotten. As others here have said 140/90 is not brilliant for the kidneys, but is acceptable so please don't worry too much about heart attacks or a stroke. I know how awfully distressing this can be as I have been there myself, and stress raises BP quite dramatically. I hope that your most recent kidney test will show a higher egfr. Drinking water is supposed to help, and things like coffee or soft drinks cause mine to plummet. Couldn't manage without a cup of milky tea though! My eGfr goes up and down. I don't really know why. Regarding BP, I have found that breathing from the stomach helps - imagine that you are breathing from really low down as you breathe in and push your lower belly out. Doing this slowly for a few times really causes the BP to drop. Just relax as you breathe out.Good luck- let go of your thoughts and release all of your tight muscles. You will be fine. I agree with your GP that best stay out of hospital with so much covid about. This pandemic and all of the suffering around the world is enough to stress us all. Stay safe.

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Thankyou ive been doing some meditation in morn and night but ive been told these methods will bring BP down little at that given time but as soon as you stop then BP will rise again throughout the day.Can anyone advice please 🙏

I recently started 10 mg of lamodipine also. I also take 320 of valsartan though. It does take a few days to see results. Try to be as calm as you can, I know it can be hard. Also, I've found sitting quietly and doing some relaxing breathing for at least 5 minutes before taking your blood pressure helps quite a bit with BP readings. Good luck, I know it's worrisome, but relaxation techniques can really help!

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Thanks for your advice I know that deep breathing techniques do lower your blood pressure but this is only temporary surely as soon as you stop doing the deep breathing then one or later your blood pressure will rise again? So therefore it really is a false reading for your blood pressure stats throughout the day , only saying thanks

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