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24 hour monitoring

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Well I'm rigged up with a 24 hour bp monitor which is most uncomfortable.It went off first when driving, couldn't get a good reading so went off just as I was getting out of the car.I was told to stop what I was doing so I had to stand there.Fun times ahead I think!🀣

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Keep us updated lettingoffsteam. Let's get this forum active. Did you ring the helpline, if so how did you get on and was the help they gave you really helpful? ((((HUGS))))

I didn't phone but I've had the monitor.It was a bit of a trial and I didn't get much sleep.It sleeps before it takes it in the day and bleeps afterwards too but that stops from 10pm to 7am, but you have the cuff inflating of course.I'm looking forward to a better rest later.Not sure how the results will be.Hope I don't need more meds.πŸ˜’

If you need them which I hope you don't, then it's safest t take them. I'm on three different tablets. πŸ˜•

Well yes, I would take them but I had so many problems with the side effects which is just settling down.πŸ˜•

Happy New Year, I hated having mine on, in the end they disregarded the results, as every time that beep went off signalling the start I could feel my anxiety rising. I didn't sleep at all either, it was very uncomfortable during the night. I think it can work well for some people but for me it didn't work. I think just taking your own results and recording them is more accurate.

I wouldn't worry too much, if you felt it wasn't going to be accurate let them know. Am sure you will be fine though and as long as your BP is measuring fine at home I doubt they'll increase meds.

I hope they take the home readings into account.It was 110/69 this morning! I did find it a bit stressful especially when it went off when I was driving in traffic.Going off at night was a right pain.I've got a five day event monitor being fitted on Wednesday....fun times ahead!How are you these days?

I am great thanks, we just spent Christmas and the New Year in Australia visiting my daughter, I was a bit nervous about the flight being so long but it was fine, ankles a bit swollen but BP remained pretty stable. Struggling more getting used to winter again! Doc changed my meds before I went, now on 10mg of Bisoprolol as I was getting terrible ectopics before I went. Still getting them though, I am going to ask for a longer ECG as the 48 hour ones have picked up only one small episode of tachycardia. The five day ECG should be fine, I didn't find them anywhere near as bad as the BP monitor. Let us know how it goes!

Glad you got out to see your daughter.Hope all OK where she is as those fires have been devastating.I hope the 5 day monitor will be OK.At least it won't bleep when I'm out and about...very embarrassing!πŸ˜•I've got the ct angiogram on 4th Feb though just to double check due to the burning chest I've had.Actually it's a lot better now so maybe it was a side effect.I'm scared about that one.What meds are you on now?I'm still on 5mg each of ramipril and amlodipine and 20mg propanolol for palpitations.Hopefully that doesn't go up after the bp results!πŸ˜’

Daughter is in Sydney so not too near any fires thankfully. Devastating for them though, we don't know how lucky we are to have so much rain!

I nearly had to go for the angiogram but the echo came back OK so I didn't need it. I heard they are pretty painless, but I'd be nervous as well. Hope it goes well. I'm on similar just higher dose's 10mg Amlodipine, 10mg Bisoprolol and 7.5mg Ramipril. I was on Doxazosin as well but that got dropped to increase the beta blocker due to the ectopics/tachycardia. Luckily not got any major side effects. How bad are your PVC's? Do you get them often? I'm sure anxiety brings mine on, I hate them, I don't find the Bisoprolol makes much difference, I'm going to see the doc soon to see what they can do.

I had a 24 hour holter in April and didn't have PVCs, mine were SVTs but only 14 which was not significant apparently.See how the 5 day one goes.I get a short run of fast beats then back to nsr.Since I've been on propanolol I 've not had them often and my ectopics are a lot less.My ct angiogram is because of the chest burning feeling and also my ecg shows st depressions which they think is the lvh but decided to double check.The cardiologist thinks the burning is musculoskeletal and it isn't linked to my activity level.Actually I don't get it much now anyway.Hope it goes well at the doctors.

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