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Worried bout bp

Hi all this is my first time on bp site. Im a bit worried i hv had ha weird headache for a week or so and hv had high bp so doc changed my meds b4 i had headache. I checked my bp b4 bed tonight bcuz of headache i had bn resting for about 6 hrs but my bp is 198/70 is this ok i worry as i hv had 2 minor TIAs not proven tho just consult at hosp believes i hv. Would appreciate any advice best wishes good health to u all R

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Hi it might be worth mentioning to your gp to check your cholostrol levels best of luck e


Thank you Jim444 hv appt on 17th but hv stopped the new BP med gine back to old on bcuz for the past 6 weeksvinhv persevered with it feeling really ill the whole time., and dreadful headache., the first day i stopped them immediately felt better and the headache went. I had this bp med a few years ago and felt ill so doc stopped it but new doc wanted try it again as bp getting lot worse now on 3 meds for it., i wont b trying it again dont know what will happen now. One of the main reasons for bp is i hv high doses of steroids never off of them with variation on dose.? I will let u know how i get on at docs on 17 th x


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