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Wife's bp over 400!


My wife's a former professional bodybuilder . She had to retire due to her malignant hypertension. Her pressure is usually around 210/140. During a recent research study on hypertensive female bodybuilders and the effect of heavy weight lifting on blood pressure. My wife's pressure at 80% maximum load was 370/350 and at 100% max her pressure was 417/385 measured via a catheter in her brachial artery. I am a physicians assistant and monitor her pressure daily. On the treadmill her pressure is usually close to 300mm. She has a appointment for a battery of cardiovascular tests next week. Below are one of my better readings

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hi hbp200 that is the highest ive come across mine was 210 -85 the eve i got a tia when i was admitted to the emergency unit the medics put me on a coctail of bp meds and kept checking the reading on 2hourly intervals until they found the one that suited ---like yourself i am a very fit person 16-4 weight h 5-11 the also inserted 2 stents i was told only because i was so fit i very likely could have died or a serious stroke my bp today is 141 -79 on 4 small doses of bp drugs and a stat ans blood thiner ------ any way i hope things will be ok--------also diet is very important and an hour of walking daily or less regards eddie

Ianc2 in reply to jim444

16 stone 4llbs might be your problem. If you can shed some weight you may find the pressure drops a bit more at 141-79 you are not far off the 120/70 that seems to the approved measurement

jim444 in reply to Ianc2

hope she is improving in the in the bp ---------magnesium and coq10 daily is very good for reducing bp along with taurine i take these--------with my own situtation i find it very difficult to lose weight eventhough i exercise a lot i find it makes me hungry best of luck edd

Praying for her to get her numbers down!

How is your wife did you guys lower her numbers?

Hbp200 in reply to Tinkynutbug

She's on 6 antihypertensive drugs plus weekly intravenous Labetalol.

Her pressure is still quite elevated but much more manageable 176/120.

Hi there, I read you're in the medical field. But I just wanted to ask anyway if your wife had been tested for a pheo? I have been reading that pheochromocytoma and pseudopheochromocytomas can cause malignant hypertension. Her numbers are beyond dangerously high, and I am so sorry she's dealing with this. I would really recommend getting her GP or an endo to test for it. It's a 24 hr urine test and a few other ones that could point in the right direction. But false negatives can happen for various reasons. They probably need to, at least, start with a CT scan.

Last week her pressure was checked in the gym using a Dinamap monitor. Her pressure couldn't be measured. I then used a aneroid monitor and inflated the cuff past 300mm. Her artery began pounding through the stethoscope at 340. Her diastolic was 280.

kindred7 in reply to Hbp200

That is shockingly high. Has she seen an endo? Pheos can cause this, among other things. It doesn't seem like she has primary hypertension at all.

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