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Stage of a common cold

I’ve had a really bad cold for the past 2-3 days now.

Last night i had about an hours sleep because my nose was so badly blocked up.

I’ve been taking lemsip day and night capsules, lozengers nasal inhalers and vapour rub they helped a little but not much so i brought coldzyme spray which has helped a lot and I’ve put vapour rub on my feet with some socks.

I’m at that stage where im still blocked but not as bad but have an annoying cough. If I’m taking all this medication will my cold go more quicker?

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GemGem, well it sounds as though you are doing all the right things so hopefully something will work. I’ve just started a cold today so if you find any magic cure please let me know. My nose keeps streaming and I’e blown it so much that it’s now pouring blood! For your cough, perhaps you could try codeine linctus. A GP recommended it for my friend who hasn’t been able to get rid of a cough left by pneumonia, and it seems to be working. Another friend has recommended the good old malt with cod liver oil that we used to take as children - he reckons that it helps with coughs and sore throats. I’ve yet to try it but intend to with my breakfast tomorrow. The last cold I had last October developed into a hacking/choking cough to the extent that it woke up our next door neighbours in the night! Hope you feel better soon.

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It started Monday night I was vomitting and ended up have a sore throat on the one side which then ended waking me up the next night with a blocked nasal which got worse last night which resulted me into having zero sleep I brought a hole range of cold and flu medicine and today brought some coldZyme one cold which is a bit expensive for the price but has definitely made a differents was going to go to the doctors to see if they would give me something stronger to try or give me some sleeping tablets but didn’t get chance too. I read that lying down will block your nose even more so I’m worried that I’m getting excited that I may be getting sleep which probably won’t happen.

Try rubbing vapour rub on the bottoms of you feet and put some socks over them supposed to help.


Yes I’ve heard the tip about rubbing Vick on the soles of the feet and covering them - will get some tomorrow. Thank you and get well soon.


I hope you feel better soon GemGem95. Only time will tell whether the medication is effective.

Personally I believe in getting plenty of natural fat for the fat soluble nutrients, plus single-celled organisms rely on glucose for energy. That doesn't mean we should avoid carbs, just be aware that too much is as bad as too little. I wouldn't feed the little blighters with honey for example; whipped double cream is just as soothing.

Good luck!

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I’ve not been eating much. Haven’t really got an appetite.


Hiya GemGem. Sounds like the kind My wife and I had a few weeks ago. The stuffiness went in about 8 days. The coughing went on for about a month. As there has been a lot of flu in the area, I am so grateful for the flu jab. We had sore throats as well. Now - thankfully - fully recovered. Get well soon.


Ugh, sorry you are suffering. I had a nasty cold which turned into bronchitis and lasted for weeks. I used a pot of steaming water to inhale which really helped clear the sinus along with saline nasal sprays. Do be careful of some of the over the counter cold medications as particularly nasal decongestants as they can raise your blood pressure. If you have a home monitor, I would check daily to make sure they are not affecting you negatively. Hope you feel better soon!


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