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blood pressure hard to control

hi I've had high bp for about 18 months and am on quite a few tablets to try and control it.....over the past 4 months not been going so well I take 400 labetalol 7.5 ramipril 10 doxazosin and 10mg of another tablet forget it name ha .....still my bp doesn't come down the other night it spiked to 193/138 but came down quite quickly my readings are high around 150/112 ish ....just wondering if anyone has gone through this or is going through it any advice? ?? frustrating .....

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Over the last few years i have gone through a myriad of tablets none of which worked satisfactorily. But having said that, for me it seems that gluten was a huge problem where bp was concerned. I have been diagnosed coeliac and b12deficient, and its been over eighteen months now and i still have days when my bp decides for apparently no reason it goes on a high and even during that time i have been the guinea pig for more tablets. At the moment im on felodopine which is a slow release tablet which seems to be doing its job far better than any others i have ‘trialed’.

There are many types of bp medication its just finding the one which has the most beneficial response for yourself.


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