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Hi all just to say I have been experimenting with cutting out caffeine. I don't eat chocolate anyway except one square of 85% cocoa solids in the morning but that was with an espresso. This is the recommended start to the day on the pioppi diet. However, since I've heard caffeine can accelerate heart rate I have given this up and begrudgingly frothy caramel cappuccinos. I can't look at costa anymore and their caps were my go to drink especially after a hospital and stress level higher than usual appointment when my blood sugar was low, Anyway, it's not all doom and gloom, because I have found another favourite drink in Pukka Teas....mmmm natural and I brought Pukka variety collection of Matcha and green tea, one has mixed berries in too. Although I miss coffeee it's great to be feeling healthy drinking matcha and green tea. If claims are right the green tea helps detox and burns calories, little woop anything that helps is a winner especially if it tastes good too.

So, what have you had to give up to reduce your blood pressure. Also, is there anything new you've tried? Research claims that lifestyle changes are highly effective in certain diseases and disorders. I'm certainly a fan of giving my lifestyle a shake up.

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  • Hello LaurieRose..your post on Decaffeinated teas etc is very interesting..As l have PMR , and suffered Migraines and High Blood pressure at times my Bowen Therapist advised that l switched to Decaff tea as l do like my cuppa and she keeps my migraines under notices that the migraines come back if l go a long time in between my therapy..l never eat chocolate because l l know that sets off migraine and l allow myself one decaff coffee mid morning..when l first switched over l noticed muzzy heads for a few days but it soon cleared..l don't like green tea but l do like camomile tea before bed. I am always willing to try anything that helps this horrible condition and anything else that comes alongside it..take care trish29

  • Hi Trish.

    Its good you have an open mind and are willing to try anything. Your post reminded me that some teas have caffeine in too. I think when first detoxi g from it the symptoms are worse. However unless a person has an allergy to caffei e a small amount should be able to be reintroduced if they miss it.

    I had an interesting conversation about migraines with my optician. Apparently due to an acupuncture/acupressure type effect having a daith ear pircing can stop migraines. Theres some controversy understandably but some people swear they havent had migraines since. So, even if it's a placebo effect I think I'm going to give it a try.

    Other than that moving to where the air is purer and living a totally clean life.

  • My holistic doctor told me hibiscus tea is good for the kidneys and high blood pressure as well as green tea. There is research about beet juice being good for both as well. I have beet powder that I mix into my morning smoothies some days.

  • Ooh thank you. Ive never tried hibiscus tea. I will do now. I have some beetroot tea in the cupboard. Im quite a collector of teas. My son was in the tea appreciation society at uni. So, we share a passion. Where do you get the veet powder? Is it from a heakth food store ir online?

  • Hi Laurie Rose,

    I get my beet powder from a US based store called Srouts. Unfortunately they don't sell it online.

  • Useful to know to save me looking, thanks. I will take a look in town later in the health food shops. I think i may have to go to my closest city because we live in a little seaside town full of indian and chinese takeaways and souvenir shops lol. X

  • Hello LaurieRose..l,m pleased you like my post on cutting out caffeine and detoxing my body of other was originally suggested by my Bowen Therapist who has helped me get rid of my migraines as long as l don't go too long inbetween Therapies. My Therapist is very PMR friendly and l trust her advice..l am actually on Holiday this week at one of my favorite places at Stratford/on/Avon in a River Lodge..l am in pain but with the Wildlife around me it will help me cope,and my partner/carer can go fishing and the air is much cleaner.l get very tired so l am just going to have a rest..l am Patricia Rose so we have Rose in common..Best wishes trish 29

  • I love your name. Hope you enjoy your holiday... sounds so lovely and relaxing. Best healthy wishes x

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