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I have an Omron series 2 wrist moniter which I use daily. I read on here that they are not considered as accurate as arm moniters (which hurt me and thus raise my BP) and that I should get it caibrated regularly. I bought it from Amazon many years ago and apart from asking my GP to help (she has already refused to take the time to do this for me) I can't find a UK website to ask for further information.

There is a phone number but its in USA, and no email address as far as I can tell.

Does anyone have and information as to where I can get it calibrated?

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You say you have had your monitor for many years so for the time and trouble it's going to take you to get it sorted in the USA, maybe it's time for a new one bought locally, then it will be easier to get it calibrated, however someone on this sight may have an answer for you.

good luck


Thanks Bowler - needless to say I have no intention of getting it calibrated in the USA. People have told me to take it to my GP - but as she's not willing to 'spend the time' I've given up on t hat - I was hoping there was a way of getting it done locally


If you google "where to get my blood pressure machine monitored UK"

Strange that your Dr. isn't willing, as it's for her benefit also to see that your readings are accurate. Is the nurse in your surgery willing to do it ? just thought.

You may find something on there.


Ask to see a nurse. There is usually someone at the surgery who can spare a few minutes if you explain what you want.

Get her to do your bp and then immediately do yours with your wrist one. That way you will see if there is much discrepancy between the two readings.

If there is then its time to get a new one. If not then you can carry on using your old one.

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Yes - I think a new machine is the best option. Thanks all.


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