Vitamin D deficiency

Think my doc has forgotten where we live

i was called to the surgery in Friday regarding my blood results, apparently i am deficient. in vit A he asked about my diet, which is well balanced and my appetite is ok, and said i probably need to see a dietitian and gave me a supplement for two months, ok says me i,ve no problem with that, then he say your also short of vit D, and gives me another supplement and says (" you need to sit on the sun more" ) my answer was have you seen the weather lately, makes me wonder if he ever gets out himself, two or three days of the sunny thingamy in the sky's not enough. Sit in the sun ! wonder if they,d let use the uv tank at the dermatology unit in Chorley,Mmmmm shall ask, free sun tan. ;)

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  • Treat your self to a SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) Lamp I did and it has worked wonders I also started taking Vit D supplements and I do feel a lot better.


  • With any luck, maybe this year we'll see more of that big yellow ball in the sky. :)

  • Thanks jan i,ll give it a go, but i don't feel sad. All joking apart i was really surprised when the doc told me.

  • Ov cors u dare if'nwe ever get owt of last winter, heyya never know we could get an indian summer, Oi wish. ;)

  • I take Vit D3, sure they help. Thinking about getting a SAD lamp for (dare I mention the word) - this Autumn !

    Lib x

  • Try this Libby; WHICH advice on SAD lamps.

  • Thankyou auntymary

    Lib x

  • Read the WHIch report, very interesting. Wonder if I would qualify for no VAT, my depression is due to my COPD.

    Lib x

  • Which which report, and have you got the link pls Libby b :)

  • See Auntymarys comment above azaard. (mine didn't go blue like auntymarys did - why not)

    Lib x

  • May link not spelt proper

  • Oh sorry thanx

  • I'ts gone blue now.

  • Yeop you didn't,t put it in the fridge perchance :D

  • It only goes blue after posting - used to confuse me no end (doesn't take much!).

  • Give me sunshine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • All the time !!!!!!!!!!!

  • give me laughter all the while

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