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Buzzard and the Malverns

It was another of those rare days that could'nt be waisted. The sun is out and the sky is blue so its on with the oxygen pack and away to go.

I took the binoculars with me in case there was some interesting wild life out there on display. I made my way across the Worcestershire Golf Club where I watched a buzzard soreing above me with a backdrop of the Malvern Hills. Useing the binoculars I got a real close up view, it was brilliant to watch its shear effortless flight circleing round and round on the lift of the invisable thermals. Then I realised he was'nt alone, a para glider was up there too possibly homeing in on the same thermals that the bird had given away.

I felt so incredibly lucky to still be able to wittness such a sight. There was a woodpecker hammering away in the wood nearby and another green woodpecker laughing, probably at me close by.

I continued on my walk and decided I may as well push myself a bit so headed up the hill to my old work place. There was plenty of huffing,puffing ,coughing and spluttering but I got there only to find that the garage was closed this morning, so this meant I could'nt beg a lift back home. Oh well it was more downhill than up, and gravity would aid my return journey.

On reaching home my wife wanted me to go shopping for my sons birthday which is next week.

I felt knackered after my morning walk but agreed and off we went to PC world and Worcester city centre.

More miles on the clock for this knackered old crock but exercise is good they say. I'm thinking this is turning into another one of those manic days when I end up overdoing it and suffering the consequences for days later.

Oh well I'm home now writeing this blog,listening to Hereford winning 0-4 at Telford and looking forward to Britains got Talent with my feet up. whew its been a long day.

Tony. Keep as active as possible all, I'm sure thats whats keeping me going.

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I,m so glad you had such a great day, the weather has been lovely today & we have to grab it while it lasts, I love watching the buzzards that fly over our house when they,re teaching their young to fly it,s such an amazing sight & cant wait to see this years brood, I hope you recover from your day swiftly & safely & keeping fingers crossed for your phone call. take care Karen xx

Thanks Karen, When I visit my Dad I get to see buzzards down on the ground close up. He feeds them with chicken wings in his back field and they have become quite tame now.

I'm still a bit jumpy everytime the phone rings but I'm sure thats normal for anyone on the transplant list.

I look forward to the day I can jogg into ITU and show the staff who battled so hard to save my life nearly 3 years ago that they did'nt waste thier time.


Sounds good and the exercise will benefit the new lungs!

It has been a lovely day, without doubt.

Lynne xx

Hereford utd won and I feel like a winner too after today. Its all about keeping the rest of the body in good shape now so hopefully we'll get plenty more days like today.

I know you already do but keep active Lynne it does help.

Tony xx

WOW!!!! well done you xxx

Thanks Janet. sorry about Stockport getting relegated, I hope the club can survive and make a come back soon.

Good to see you got out today even though it was a bit of a comical disaster.

Tony xxx

Super stuff Tony. Keep up the good work and you can represent us in next year's London Marathon. Well done! Bob

I'd love to Bob, anything is possible now. There is no harm in having a dream is there.

Thank Bob!


Up up and away!!!!

Perhaps I should give that paragliding a go. Get up there with that buzzard and give him a bit of a shock eh'

'Fly high like a bird in the sky'.


It sounds as if you put this beautiful weather to the best use, dall05. Good to read - try again tomorrow - love Annie80x

You have to make the best of this great weather while its here. Theres rain forcast soon so I may have to wait to see the buzzard again for a while.

Tomorrow could have a busy start, there's a lawn to be mowed, Sunday lunch to be cooked, and clothes to be washed. Whew I'm tireing already just thinking about it.

Thanks Annie I will try again when there is time.

Tony xx

I was thoroughly enjoying your story dall until I read Hereford had well and truly beat Telford AFC. Not a good season for Telford (sob, sob) now I've got COPD and depression.

You'll bounce back dvd, Its your team so you'll follow them whatever division thier in. I enjoy watching the Bulls whatever league there in.

As you can probably tell from my blog I believe exercise is the key to helping your copd.


Good on you Tony,I love your positivity.Great that you put your good weather to use,to enjoy nature,nothing better.Dont over do it though,keep up some energy,for that phone call,which hopefully,is not to far away!! xxx

Its a tricky one finding that right balance of exercise and over doing it. I would'nt want the call after a hard day and be weakend for the operation but whats to do.

If the call ever come's then I'll just have to keep my fingers crossed the timing is right. Things like this normally happen at the most awkward and unexpected times don't they. Ha!

Thanks Wendells

Tony xx

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