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Me & my wife at our Marriage Seminar ..................Hee HEE(or is it?)

.................................MARRIAGE SEMINAR

While attending a Marriage seminar dealing with communication.

Me and my wife listened to the instructor,

''It is essential that husbands and wives know each others likes and dislikes.''

He said to me,

''Can you name your wife's favorite flower?''

I leaned over and touched my wife's arm gently and whispered






''It's Homepride ,isn't it?



Communicate with your local Breathe Easy group.

It's easy to join,details from the BLF Helpline on 03000 030 555

Join the BLF at the same time.

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A typical male mistake, I try to put it down to the complexity of the English language but nah it,s cause they are usually insensitive gits :)

I'll second that one!

Your put a smile on everyones face

You crease me up, you really do! Where do you get them from?


My husbands favourite is from Lidl

What you gonna do if gods a woman,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, hehehehehhehehehehehehhheheheheh

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