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New Record Time!!!

New Record Time!!!

Its a bit cold outside but I was just itching to get out and have a bit of a walk. As Jo BLF nurse and top advisor told us, put on plenty of thin layers so three 'T' shirts a warm top, a snood, coat etc later I was ready for the off. I also wrap the oxygen pipe coming from my cylinder around my body under the coat so the oxygen supply gets pre- warmed. I was feeling pretty good so I checked my watch as I left, I do this because I have set walks that I time myself on which is a good way of checking for deterioration or improvement of your overall condition. Things went well, infact very well, I got to the highest point in the round trip where I do my time check, Wow it was a new record time! and normally at this point I am shifting mucus at a pretty alarming rate. Well apart from a bit of stitch and a thimble full of gung I was much improved. Haveing just lost 1 stone in weight I can only put this improvement down to that. All I ask now is for some decent weather to make my walks more enjoyable, I am colour blind but I can tell Blue from depressing Grey.

May the sun shine on us all and lift our spirits. Tony

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Hi dall05

Excellent news - well done.

Whilst happy with the 'top adviser' i am a specialist adviser and not a nurse!

Hope that clarifies



Top specialist adviser Jo cheers :-)

Great minds annanother, Great Minds eh'

So Jo, this means your a 'TOP' Specialist Adviser in my book. You do a very good job keeping an eye on us crazy bunch. Thanks again and sorry about the nurse thing.


That's great news for you Tony ! Keep at it :)

I agree with you about the weight loss. This time last year I was 2 stone lighter and boy can I tell the difference in my breathing carrying this extra weight. I'm on a mission now to lose it and will be walking, hopefully, to places where I would normally drive to.

Keep on keeping on friend ...........

Well done elian, I'll be gunning for you . The transplant consultant also told me exercise alone will not shift the weight, eating less is the key and of course he was right. I wish you success in your mission, remember this is not Tom Cruise mission impossible, its one you can win.

Tony :)

Well done for the record time and the weight loss. You are an inspiration and will stop blaming my greed on the steroid munchirs and eat less.

Without all the clobber 5 t shirts and all can go faster dal05 eyes front more to do

Just wait untill its shorts and 'T' shirt weather, records will be smashed then eh'.

Yes there's more to do Grumble and I'm gonna do it.


I blamed the steroids too but it was just me eating too much. Iv'e always exercised to a point where its painfull but the weight was still creeping on. It had to be the steroids, but NO! it was my desire for all things sweet that was my downfall. Oh well, I'll never return to my record 14 stone 2 lbs because the bennefits far outway the alternative. No way was I going to buy new trousers,no way ho'zay. Keep on Smileing and good luck with your weight loss. Let me know how it goes.

Tony :)

I bet you feel really good for doing that walk.Well done

Thanks King it fills me with positivity when things go well.


I am impressed, and hot on your tail ! armed with lung flute, got half way up Mendip hills, with help.... only 9st 2lb it is my breathing that needs tweaking ! su

Well done Zube. The word 'HILLS' sends a shudder down my spine as I know how difficult they can be. When the weather improves I'll no dought torture myself and head for the top of the Malvern Hills with the oxygen on full throttle. Its tough but worth it when you reach the top.

Its my weight and breathing that needs tweaking but the one improves the other

Keep on my tail zube and together we'll reach our goals.

Tony :) Does the lung flute help?

yep, flute helps clear my relentless gunk. Ha, see you are aiming for the "top" of your hill, well, I'll try and keep on your tail but not sure I can make it to the top yet... did you notice that... "yet !" su

Its probably best if we wait for good weather and then do a bit of training beforehand then go for it. I'm not sure why but since my stage 1 transplant assessment I'm not producing as much sputum, Maybe the thought of transplant has shocked my lungs into fixing themselves, Ha Ha (If Only). Remember zube if we put the hard work in now those hills are going to seem much lower when we finally attempt to climb them.

Tony. :), keep playing your lung flute ha ha and I'll keep blowing up balloons and singing badly, thats what works for me! Good

Now that's what I like to hear ... you have got a virtuous circle going rather than a vicious one. well done you :) Auntymary xx

Thanks for your kind words Auntymary, it helps when you can see definite improvements and I certainly feel better after shifting the weight so its more of the same untill target is reached.

Tony xx

Well done. It feels great doesn't it? I get that buzz when I manage more at the gym each time I go. I too am losing weight, but that seems to be a very slow process.

Lynne xx

Iv'e always exercised quite hard Lynne but the weight was still creeping on. I put it down to the 20mg of prednisolone that I take daily and there was little I could do about it. Of course it was simple really and eating a little less than I was + cutting out my sweet tooth was the answer combined with the all important exercise.

Thanks Lynne, I am feeling that buzz and 'IT FEELS GOOD'

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