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Predicted normal FVC/PEF & FEV1 levels

Can anyone tell me what my 'normal' predicted levels of subject should be?

I am white, European female aged 56 with a height of 155cm?

My last FVC (last month) was 2.21 and FEV1 was 0.01 (none existant?)

A year ago the same were FVC 2.4 and FEV1 was 1.34

How bad are these values(in terms of mild, moderate, severe etc.) and are they typical of values for COPD ( which is what the GP has diagnosed) or should they be looking at other causes?

Very worried :-/


PS Have signed up for Christchurch PR. fingers crossed it will not take too long to process.

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Lucky, you asked this before. There is info here:


Specialist Respiratory Nurses are available at the BLF Helpline 03000 555 030 10am -6pm Monday - Friday they will explain in terms that do not require a medical doctorate.


ask your doc to explain these.


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