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My mother has been diagnosed with lung disease with signs of emphysema and fibrosis and has had several tests

- FCV was originally 75% and now 6 months later it has dropped to 69% Can this be affected by colds, flu etc..

We were then sent to see if she would agree to a lung biopsy but the surgeon was very anti it due to her age, weight and the fact that it is only diagnostic. She is thinking of not finding out actually how she is going to progress. We now have to go back and discuss treatments any guidance on this steroids, oxygen should these be offered

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Don't think theres much to say really .. You have said it all .. Think you better of seeing what treatments is going to be and what doc as to say .. Am sure others will be glad to tell you what FCV % Mean in real terms

All the best :)


Colds and flu will set you back ,

would not want to say anything other than that,

just keep seeing your doctors and get other tests,


Thanks for the support


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