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Hip and leg pain when walking.

I have meant to put this on the blogs for sometime now but kept forgetting. Here goes, it has nothing to do with Lungs or breathing but it is a pain you can do without when you have these conditions.

It may not help most people but you never know.

Two years ago I had terrible pain in my hip which went into my left buttock and down my left leg, it was diagnosed as sciatica. I took pain killers which did not help at all. I struggled on and could hardly walk some days until late last year when I decided I was going to have to see a specialist.

One evening I was getting a shower and looked in the mirror and saw I was lopsided, my left shoulder was about 1 ins lower than my right. I thought I had had a stroke. I went on the internet and typed in, 'I am lopsided'.

Lots of searches came back 'mis-aligned pelvis'. It said that as you get older your pelvis can drop at one side and cause you to be lop-sided, it also said that a physio can re-align your pelvis but it would not stay in place for very long.

One of the cures, which they said was permanent, was to measure how much your pelvis had dropped, you stand straight, in front of a mirror, and place your thumb on the top of your pelvic bone and have someone measure the difference between the two sides. My difference was exactly 1 ins They said to buy a shoe lift of 1 ins or whatever the difference, and insert it in the shoe where your pelvis had dropped, I ordered some from Amazon, they are very cheap, and inserted it in my left shoe. Within a week I was cured and have never had a problem since. I put these lifts in all my shoes, slippers and boots.

I know it sounds so simple, but it worked. So if you do have pain in your hips which you think might be sciatica, check your body in the mirror, you never know, this may be your problem.

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This sounds sensible to take all these precautions for what sounds like an imbalance of your pelvis.. It is ok to consult the computer but only as a back up. Think it wise to consult your doctor and be referred if thought necessary, to the orthodaepic department. An Xray of the spine might be a possibility in extreme cases.

I am sure that all will go well with you, but any further problems, see your dr. Love Annie80x

Just seen, it is you, sweetthing. Shortsighted, not having checked first!! Thinking about your blogs, I am wondering what heavy lifting you have been doing. With so much going on in your life, easy option to consult the computer. As a carer, you need to look after yourself without into the grips of the NHS. Apologies forthe oversight. Love Annie80x

The specialist I saw, when I had had my cough for 12 months, thinks my problem was down to heavy lifting as I have had two femeral hernia operations in the past as my job, even though it was with the NHS clerical side, had me helping nurses lift patients when they were short-staffed. He said I was doing the right thing by putting a lift in my shoe as a physio can re-align your pelvis but it can go out of alignment again. I prefer the shoe lift, I can't begin to tell you what a difference it has made to my life, with looking after grumpy 24/7 I could not have coped with things the way they were, and it was also finding the time to see an ortho. specialist as my husband was in and out of hospital so many times last year, hence the self diagnosis route which thank god worked.

I had a CT body scan in January this year because I had had a cough for 12 months and told the specialist about my pelvis as I was sure he would notice it on the scan, he told me he had noticed it and that it was common and said congratulations, you have solved the problem yourself and that is all that is needed, so simple. There was nothing wrong with my body scan and I was given the all clear.

Great one sweetthing, it just shows that it pay's to try and help yourself as well as asking for professional help too. The more information we have the better the chances of getting the correct diagnosis and treatment. Thank god for the internet and google eh'. Tonyx

Exactly, when you have no time for yourself, you tend to let things slide, but when you are in so much pain it is sometimes easier, not always wiser, to go on the web and look for answers. Luckily it worked for me.

Thank you sweething, I am going to pass this onto my daughter as she is always having sciatica.

polly xx

Thanks for that info sweetthing12, I don't have sciatica but do get a similar type of pain due to arthritis in my feet, used to have inserts for my shoes from OT at the hospital, but not anymore so I may test your tip see if it works for me and it might reduce the wear on my shoes too. The internet can sometimes be a good idea rather than the medical process, I buy hand splints on line to avoid the three month medical process to obtain a new one,after all time is precious especially when in pain. Good luck with your pain relief, beats drugs and the like.

The pain I got was in my hip when walking and standing up, it travelled round to my left buttock and down my left thigh, that is why the doctor thought it was sciatica. I must have had it two years before I noticed I was lopsided. The very first thing I saw and I did not think too much about it was that my trouser legs were uneven, one trouser leg covered my shoe but the other showed my foot, I thought the trouser legs were uneven. I never have a pain now.

High heel shoes on the NHS - whatever next? Genuinely pleased for you.

Not high heeled shoes I am afraid, but 1 ins deep foam inserts from Amazon at £1. 50 per pair. Gone are the days when I wore 4 ins heels and a short skirt. Memories, memories.

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