I have been taking Az for some time now - 250mgs each day/or every other day. There has been much written in the techical papers both for an against regular dosing. The "Fors" advise that it does have measurable benefits in reducing the number of exacerbations in cases of severe and very severe COPD. The "Againsts" advise that it both has the potential of increasing the resistance of bugs to the treatment by antibiotics and further that in some minor cases it leads to hearing loss (but which appears to return to normal once the drug is discontinued). The reason I take it is because my FEV1 is between 17-25% and cannot afford to lose anymore lung fuction which typically accompanies an exacrbation. Recent reports have a typical exacerbation reducing lung function by around 3% - a rate I cannot afford to lose! Whilst AZ is not cheap the alternatives (losing lung fuction and potentially spending time in hospital) are not attractive. Obviously the choice is up to the individual. Take care

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Good morning martin :)

Many of us don't realise how an exacerbation affects us, and we expect to be 'up and running' again within only a short time of the infection leaving our bodies. Anything, and I do mean anything, we can do to avoid these infections then we must do it.

I think you made the right choice :)

Keep on keeping on ....

Yes, a good decision I think.

Lynne xx

I have been taking this for the last 5 months at a twice a week dose and if you read my 4 am post you will see it is working for me. I didn't realise it was expensive and so what if it is surely it is false economy to not use it where appropriate. I would have had AB's and steriods about every 3/4 weeks before going on to the Azithromycin so surely a saving. Anyway I am going it take it as long as I can :)

I am with you jandan, I have been taking it three times a week for about 2 years now and only had one little hiccup since. Like you before that i was on antis and steroids every few weeks, so must be saving in the long run.

polly xx

My husband has been taking this for 2 months and it is a relief from every 3/4 weeks getting infections. Costwise as has already been said the constant trips to the doctor, continual courses of abiotics and steroids, samples to the lab to check which infection it is each time, feeling unwell and damage each time to the lungs it has to be cost effective. So far my husband has not had side effects and his hearing is not good anyway, so he tells me, its called selective hearing. We just hope he can carry on with this it has made a big difference.

My hubby also takes this drug every other day and has done for a year or two now. He is supposed to alternate every so often between AZ and Doxy but Doxy does not work quite as well. Pete seems to be doing ok so far so onward and upward I say. xxxx

My consultant, community matron and I have worked out a compromise: I will take 3 Az a week over Winter only. I started this last Winter - it was SO nice to get through Christmas and the New Year without an infection!! My GP isn't too keen on that idea though, he feels that should an infection get through the Az, it's likely to be a real stinker! Still, if I can get through the winter with no (extra) problems, I'm happy!


hi i've been AZ for a week, i usually have chest infections every 6 wks, so my fingers are crossed AZ keeps them away. what i do want to ask, i always feel so tired mostly in the afternoon, i just have to get my head down and have an hour of sleep and always have done for years.

I am 62yrs old and was diagnosed with Bronchiectasis when i was 25 yrs old.

Its hard to cope with being tired all the time on top of everything else.

Does any else have this problem? Thankyou for listening

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