Shocking Like Illness Or Disability Is Not Bad Enough With Out Daft Statements From Local Cllr

Shocking Like Illness Or Disability Is Not Bad Enough With Out Daft Statements From  Local Cllr

A councillor has apologised for telling a disability charity "Disabled children cost the council too much money and should be put down".

an independent member of Cornwall Council, made the comments to a Disability Cornwall member at a stall at County Hall in Truro in 2011

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  • Sorry he was caught out or sorry he thought this ! a sign of how the disabled are thought of

  • Oh dear - I read the article and then emailed him and told him what I thought - guess I won't be going to heaven now!

  • I too emailed him. The man is a disgrace

  • As a parent of a child with disabilities i find his comments disgusting, and yes he should resign, its not the disabled children that cost so much money its the goverments lack of using the money wisely and keeping tabs on the agencies and what they are charging in comparrison to the services they actually deliver! thats where money gets wasted !!

    my son actually has a better quality of life than i do so i guess i and others with copd should be put down as well?

  • This councillor should be sacked immediately, he evidently does not have anyone disabled in his family, what an uncaring unbelievable idiot.

    polly xx

  • Guess he wont be re-elected but there again people will forget come election time!! Attitudes like this unfortunately still prevail with more people than we realise. I have a FB friend who is Downs and another who has a daughter with Aspergers and learning difficulties and you would not believe some peoples attitude to them. I always think there but for the grace of God goes me or mine.

  • Disgraceful - a right merchant banker!

  • What a stupid, insensitive man! Sack him!

  • Absolute disgrace - indeed he should be sacked immediately.

  • I think there is a moral to this story "Never trust a politican" even an independant one! they all speak with forked tongues. Unfortunately he cannot be sacked as he was duly elected by the people in his area, and with his morals I doubt if he would resignand lose out on his allowances!!

  • Disgraceful,intolerable,inhuman.

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